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Façade Cleaning Test: Xscape (SnowDome) Milton Keynes

Monday 12th Dec, external façade and roof fabric cleaning test trials for Land Securities, at the Xscape (SnowDome) Milton Keynes. This iconic building, sits proud within the local environment. Our client required us to put a cost, programme and access strategy together to sensitivity restore the organic-stained metal roof along with the external façade.  … Read More

LA Skyslide – A Playground in Building Façades

The Los Angeles landmark building, the U.S. Bank Tower, had recently begun offering something new alongside a magnificent view. The Skyslide, a fully transparent 45-foot-long slide jutting out from the building over 1,000 feet up, has seen exhilarated visitors travel over the city skyline, protected by only 1¼ inches of a toughened glass tube.  … Read More

Project Management

When embarking on a new project, I have to consider and fulfil each of the following: manpower, equipment and vehicles, products, suppliers and subcontractors, compliance with Health & Safety and quality and environmental policies, planning and logistics, and all the environmental aspects of the job, from weather to access points.   Planning and preparing exhaustively… Read More


What does success look like? The way in which we each measure ‘success’ can be completely different — for some this may be winning a deal, completing your exams, finally buying that house you’ve always wanted or maybe even overcoming a fear of heights!   Whatever success means to you, the tasks and steps necessary… Read More

The Tate Modern Extension

  The Tate Modern has been a landmark on the south bank of the Thames since its days as the Bankside Power Station. But its latest extension, the £260m Switch House, a 10-storey, 65-metre twisted pyramid of brickwork and narrow, horizontal windows and balconies, offers something else: 60% more gallery space — over 22,000 square… Read More

Project Coordination of Cornerhouse, Nottingham

Projects are where we put our reputation on the line, and when we get the opportunity to show that we can deliver amazing results. Every job is unique and challenging in its own way, but the coordination and planning of a project play a pivotal role in its success. As Project Coordinator, I’m responsible for… Read More

Customer Experience

Many of the projects we’ve completed have been in commercial environments, and the accolades we’ve received have been fantastic. Feedback is always that Building Transformation has provided a professional job, on time and within the agreed budget, and upon completion the team are able to feel a sense of pride – they did it. A… Read More


Change is all that I have known since I started working here.  I joined as the business direction, ethos and drive was evolving.  Change here is seen as a positive – a chance to move forwards, develop, provide something that sets us apart from the competition, to be unique, to be special. Some people don’t… Read More

Night Work

During one of our recent projects in a city centre, solely carried out during night shifts, it occurred to me that there are many specific challenges that present themselves during a project like this. Night work is usually stipulated because of pedestrian public footfall, vehicular traffic and/or retail or business activity; working at night means… Read More

Listening to Our Clients

  What happens when people don’t listen to what you want? What happens when people think they know what you need? What happens when people assume certain things without clarification? In any industry, as a client or consumer, the answer is the same. You don’t get the result you wanted, and you’re left frustrated, disappointed,… Read More


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