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How does graffiti impact on the perception of your environment?

Graffiti, tagging and environmental painting all work together to devalue the physical condition of the substrate and environment in which it sits, the perception it creates to those that work, travel and play within the urban landscape often feel a sense of unease, graffiti’s influence of the urban landscape is often negative one. Chewing gum, if left unmanaged also creates a negative impression of the business, brand or community in which its been allowed to build, at building Transformation we help those in charge of keeping the community clean, safe and protected with specialist graffiti and chewing gum removal services.

Prevention is clearly better than cure, and many organisations work with us to help keep the urban landscape free of negative pollutants such a graffiti and chewing gum. With regular maintenance visits, we are able to keep locations cleaner, tidier and less prone to further tagging, graffiti or in some cases vandalism. Our anti-graffiti solutions and services have been supplied to local governments, retail parks, construction companies, civil engineering contractors, transport operators and housing associations.

Our Anti- Graffiti Services Include:

  • Subway refurbishment
  • Graffiti removal
  • Anti-graffiti coatings
  • Poster removal
  • Surface & pavement cleaning
  • Pavement protection
  • Street furniture Refurbishment

We ensure that our client receive a solution which not only cleans the community spaces, commercial building and urban environment, but a commitment to assist with pro-actively maintain the city landscape, helping to preserve and protect its condition and vitality for the future. Contact a member of our team today to see how we can help you.

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May & Co have worked with Building Transformation on a number of projects which have included external building cleaning and refurbishment.

Anton Theobald - May & Co

As a Director of the Charles Street Group I have been happy to commission Building Transformation on two major projects.

P H Murphy - Charles Street Group

We recently engaged with Building Transformation in a consultancy role to develop a specification for ourselves to tender for façade restoration to a building in Glasgow City centre.

Kenny Gash - Carillion Amey

The work that was provided by Reece Wood and his company Building Transformation was excellent. His product and building exteriors knowledge is detailed, comprehensive and practically applied to the client’s needs.

Kerry Quinn - Echo Arena

I was fortunate to find Reece after looking to undertake significant external works package to a secure site support.

Marc Blow MCIOB MBIFM - Carillion Amey

We are delighted with the works and service you provided; we would not hesitate to use your company again nor hesitate to recommend you to any organisation.

Kevin Egginton - Wolverhampton Council