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Are you looking for new ideas, a fresh approach to maintaining your façade’s condition and increasing its lifespan? If so, we can help you, call .

Exposed building façades weather, decay and fail. Bringing a building back to life through implementing a range of specialist façade cleaning, repair and protection solutions not only adds huge value to the building, but also benefits the owners, occupants, brands and communities that travel through the built environment.

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We can align the design intent with lifespan expectations and we help maintain the building legacy through a greater understanding of the building façade, environment and its performance

We help clients understand how to protect, maintain and increase the performance of their building façades

Façade, cladding and curtain wall condition inspections, specialist cleaning and nano coating applications to increase the lifespan of tall, high rise and challenging to access building façades. We help identify where your facade sits today within the built environment, how it’s likely to perform, leach, decay and fail in the future and the solutions needed to protect and maintain it.

Service solutions include:

  • Solutions for modern materials, tall and awkward to access buildings.
  • Detailed façade condition surveys and weathering pattern analysis.
  • Building skin performance analysis.
  • Written business case reporting, presentation and façade app developments.
  • Façade test trials and protective coating applications.
  • Façade lifecycle, cost and maintenance planning.

We give you the information to make informed decisions on how best to manage and maintain your building façades, increasing the lifespan of the material through façade condition inspections, specialist restoration and protection applications.

Visualising façade decay, deterioration rates, maintenance budgets and future investment requirements and the impact that a weathered building façade has on a brand is difficult unless a clear understanding of façade weathering cycles is in place. Read our testimonials to discover our previous success stories or request a book of your choice by clicking here.

Our services are specifically design to help manage the condition of, protect and maintain the condition of building façades for tall or difficult to access buildings throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia

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FREE building restoration methods presentation

FREE building restoration methods presentation


Building Transformation’s unquestionable honesty and enthusiasm for ensuring the client receives the correct whole-life solution (rather than a quick fix) resulted in us being able to ensure the building was not only returned to its former glory, but will stay that way for years to come. I would recommend them to anyone.

Kenny Gash - Carillion Amey

The work provided by Building Transformation was excellent. Their product and building exteriors knowledge is detailed, comprehensive and practically applied to the client’s needs. They offer a professional, detailed, high-quality and customer- focused service which meets the short, medium and long-term needs of the client, and provides practical, cost-realistic advice.

Kerry Quinn - Echo Arena

Customer service is paramount to Building Transformation and they invested vast amounts of time in providing me with a programme to facilitate what was a very complex and time-specific programme of work for the site. The quality and level of support provided by Building Transformation is priceless to any client/contractor.

Marc Blow MCIOB MBIFM - Carillion Amey

The approach and advice on setting up the works at the Wolverhampton Civic Centre were first-class. Building Transformation’s attention to detail was excellent and the RAMS were followed meticulously to every detail. We were delighted with the works and service, and would not hesitate to use them again, nor hesitate to recommend them to any organisation.

Kevin Egginton - Wolverhampton Council

A 200,000 sq. ft., four-storey leisure venue in the heart of Nottingham city centre surrounded by major traffic routes needed work to be done overnight to deal with the traffic issues, while the site remained open throughout. The project took around three weeks to complete and went exceptionally well; the Building Transformation staff were flexible and able to work round dynamic operational issues. The clean was of a high standard and has made a significant different to the image of the building. A very difficult job done well.

Suzanne Green - Land Securities

May & Co have worked with Building Transformation on a number of projects which have included external building cleaning and refurbishment. They provided a great service, supported by the high level of documentation from the initial quotation to books and industry-related guidance, all relevant to our project.

Anton Theobald - May & Co

Our Philosophy

21st Century Façades: Breathing Life into Urban Landscapes

The urban environment has changed enormously since the majority of building maintenance concerns were focused on more traditional masonry structures, materials, pollution levels, weather patterns – even the height of most buildings are completely different to a hundred years ago. This book illustrates how Building Transformation’s methods breathe new life, energy and vitality into building skins and cities.

Expert Technical Advice

A Unique Guide ON How To Restore And Protect Building Skins

Whether it’s a technical façade condition inspection, specialist advice, façade cleaning test trials and specification development, the delivery of a building cleaning project within a challenging access environment or a full building refurbishment project with ongoing going façade management strategies to maximise your ROI, we can help.