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Market Leaders in Proactive Façade Care & Maintenance for Tall Buildings.

From the early 20th century, the construction of tall buildings has continued to create a mix of real estate speculation, technological advancements and architectural experimentation. As tall buildings age and the materials decay, the need to inspect and maintain the fabric has grown ever more important. At Building Transformation, we specialise in maintaining the fabric condition of tall and challenging to access building structures, from full building cleaning, restoration and façade repair for awkward-to-access building façades, within the UK and international property markets.

We specialise in the following façade maintenance services for tall & high rise buildings:

  • Specialist access solutions: Abseiling, cradles, tower hoist, MEWPS, & Scaffolding
  • Full building cleaning, façade repair & protective coatings.
  • Cleaning, restoration & inspection of powder coated cladding.
  • Inspection & restoration of anodised aluminium.
  • Application of hydrophobic protective nano coatings.
  • Restoration and protection of curtain walling.
  • Cleaning of float, plate & Stopsol glazing.
  • Scratch removal from glazing panels.
  • Restoration and protection of stainless steel.
  • Building painting & specialist façade repairs.
  • Building façade condition surveys.
  • Inspection and replacement of gaskets.
  • Cleaning of canopies, roofs & atria.

National & International Consultancy Solutions

  • Façade business case development proposals, access & programme plans.
  • Facade condition & performance surveys.
  • Drone & thermal imaging façade surveys.

From cleaning cladding, protecting curtain walling, painting steel, restoring stainless steel, inspecting glazing, gasket condition surveys or surveying the complete building fabric, we can provide a holistic solution tailored to your high-rise building façade. Building restoration and façade refurbishment projects will often take place whilst the building is in full use, programmes adjusted to meet onsite and tenant’s requirements or delivered through the night where required.

Due to the type of buildings we refurbish, their height, shape and size, we design and implement façade refurbishment façade repair or external building painting solutions which use a variety of building access methods such as temporary cradles, façade hoist, scaffolding and abseiling method, cleaning, repairing, stabilising or painting building facades.

Strategic Façade Management™ programme

Through our Strategic Façade Management™ programme we’re also able to provide you with a proactive and planned long-term maintenance plan which builds façade weathering information, knowledge of façade material condition decay to help mitigate risks of future failure, protect, preserve and manage your high value building asset; we help future proof your building façade.

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May & Co have worked with Building Transformation on a number of projects which have included external building cleaning and refurbishment.

Anton Theobald - May & Co

As a Director of the Charles Street Group I have been happy to commission Building Transformation on two major projects.

P H Murphy - Charles Street Group

We recently engaged with Building Transformation in a consultancy role to develop a specification for ourselves to tender for façade restoration to a building in Glasgow City centre.

Kenny Gash - Carillion Amey

The work that was provided by Reece Wood and his company Building Transformation was excellent. His product and building exteriors knowledge is detailed, comprehensive and practically applied to the client’s needs.

Kerry Quinn - Echo Arena

I was fortunate to find Reece after looking to undertake significant external works package to a secure site support.

Marc Blow MCIOB MBIFM - Carillion Amey

We are delighted with the works and service you provided; we would not hesitate to use your company again nor hesitate to recommend you to any organisation.

Kevin Egginton - Wolverhampton Council


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