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A Complete Building Cleaning, Façade Repair & Protection Solution for Commercial Buildings

Are you looking for best practice, information or clarity on building façade cleaning solutions?

We clean, restore & refurbish external building facades, working with modern, commercial, tall and challenging to access building structures to ensure that the building fabric reflects the clients vision, brand values whilst paying particular attention to ensure its condition is protected for the future. Stone, concrete, cladding, brick or render, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with the solutions and information you need to clean, restore, repair, paint and pro-actively maintain your building façade.

Building Façade Cleaning

Façade cleaning and building restoration will often take place whilst the building is in full use, programmes adjusted to meet onsite and tenant’s requirements or delivered through the night where required. Due to the type of buildings we clean, their height, shape and size, we design and implement building cleaning, façade repair or external building painting solutions, which use a variety of building access methods such as temporary cradles, façade hoist, scaffolding and abseiling methods, cleaning, repairing, stabilising and painting building facades constructed of concrete, brick, cladding, render or stone building facades.

We specialise in the following façade maintenance services for modern commercial buildings:

  • Façade cleaning & restoration: Doff, Torc, Nebulus & poultice cleaning
  • Building cleaning and restoration for historic and modern facades
  • Specialist access solutions: Abseiling, cradles, tower hoist, MEWPS, & scaffolding
  • Masonry, concrete and façade repairs
  • Structural masonry repairs & wall ties installations
  • Application of protective coating and weathering sealants
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • External building painting & decoration
  • Cleaning of glazing & scratch removal
  • Cleaning of canopies, cleaning roofs & atriums
  • Removal of chewing gum or graffiti

Specialist Consultancy Solutions

  • Façade surveys reporting, access & programme plans.
  • Facade condition & performance surveys
  • Drone & thermal imaging façade surveys

Surveyors, local authorities, building owners and managers all use us to help create a bespoke façade refurbishment solution. Along with cleaning and restoring building facades we also provide liquid applied roofing works to help water proof podium decks, balconies and roofs for a complete external building refurbishment solution.

Modern buildings are constructed with a wide variety of materials which need specialist façade care, cleaning and maintenance, each material needs a different solution to enhance its life-span. Often constructed with little or no clearly defined façade access and maintenance plan, beautifully designed and intelligently engineered building facades are often inaccessible, leaving materials to weather and decay. This in return leaves little hope to be effectivity or pro-actively inspect, understand, build value around façade cleaning action plans or maintenance required in the future to maintain it.

As modern architecture pushes the boundaries of material design and performance, the need to take greater care of the building fabric increases. We use hot water cleaning, low pressure cleaning, doff and steam cleaning methods to restore, preserve and maintain soiled building façades and exteriors on old, modern and new buildings through-out the UK. We only sensitively clean external buildings, removing staining such as carbon, traffic film, effluence staining, leeched salts, organic matter, environmental pollution and paint from your stone, concrete, brick, rendered or cladded building façade.

Strategic Façade Management™ programme

Through our Strategic Façade Management™ programme we’re also able to provide you with a pro-active and planned long-term maintenance plan which builds façade weathering information, knowledge of façade materials condition decay to help mitigate risks of future failure, protect, preserve and manage your high value building asset, we help future proof your building façade.

Interested in learning more about our work? Explore our image and video galleries or visit our about us page.

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May & Co have worked with Building Transformation on a number of projects which have included external building cleaning and refurbishment.

Anton Theobald - May & Co

As a Director of the Charles Street Group I have been happy to commission Building Transformation on two major projects.

P H Murphy - Charles Street Group

We recently engaged with Building Transformation in a consultancy role to develop a specification for ourselves to tender for façade restoration to a building in Glasgow City centre.

Kenny Gash - Carillion Amey

The work that was provided by Reece Wood and his company Building Transformation was excellent. His product and building exteriors knowledge is detailed, comprehensive and practically applied to the client’s needs.

Kerry Quinn - Echo Arena

I was fortunate to find Reece after looking to undertake significant external works package to a secure site support.

Marc Blow MCIOB MBIFM - Carillion Amey

We are delighted with the works and service you provided; we would not hesitate to use your company again nor hesitate to recommend you to any organisation.

Kevin Egginton - Wolverhampton Council


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