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Keeping you in the know with Building Transformation’s exclusive blogs, offering a view on the wider façade industry.

Make Sure Your Business Premises Are Super-Sanitised

Are you considering using a professional cleaning company to provide virus deep cleaning of your small or medium-sized business premises? Once the Coronavirus restrictions on working are lifted you, together with any staff, can freely move back into your office, shop or café. But you will all, understandably, be concerned about contracting any potential lingering… Read More

Will Your Warehouse Require Anti-viral Cleaning?

One way to reassure your staff they are unlikely to get the coronavirus COVID-19 when they return to work is to give your premises a professional virus deep clean. Here at Façade Experts we are trusted specialists in thorough and careful building cleaning techniques. To the extent, our customers have included universities, large hotel groups,… Read More

World Graffiti Artists Attack Coronavirus with Sprays

When it comes to helping the fight against coronavirus, graffiti artists, like the rest of us, are using sprays. Only these sprays contain paint rather than disinfectant. Street artists from Los Angeles to Lagos and locations you might never even heard of inbetween – are using their talent to help medics highlight campaign messages. It… Read More

Prevent Further Coronavirus-type Health Scares with Better Ventilation

The present threat from coronavirus should be the ultimate wake-up call for tackling indoor pollution, according to a leading engineer. David Frise, CEO of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) warned that the government needs to act now if they want to reduce the threat to human health posed by pollution in buildings. He was… Read More

‘Vertical Meadow’ Planned for New York Building Facade

A beautiful butterfly sanctuary could become the latest in New York’s quirky building facades. In this stunning biodiverse dream design people will work and shop while Monarch butterflies fly alongside them in a temperature-controlled three-feed wide sanctuary. Plans for the 12-storey commercial building by non-profit Architecture and urban design research group Terreform ONE have been… Read More

American Architects Furious over Trump Ban on Brutalism

Architects and designers in America are furious over a proposed directive from the White House demanding reinstatement of classic architectural themes for court houses in Washington and across the United States. A draft of the Order, titled Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again, stated that it would ‘update’ the current 1962 Guiding Principles for Federal Architecture… Read More

The importance of facade inspections – especially as winter approaches

Whether you own or manage a commercial building, university estate, school, hospital or multi storey car park, its condition counts. No matter what the function of your property, we can help to boost its value and your brand by ensuring it looks its best at all times. As the winter weather approaches, here’s a list… Read More

Is it time for hotels to clean up and compete?

Visual presentation is everything, but throw in raising the value of your building asset and lowering your repair bill and surely thats a winning combination. Reece Wood of Building Transformation explains how cleaning and restoring the outside of your hotel building is a must in the current climate…. The hospitality industry is one of the… Read More

Learning environment

Do better education buildings deliver an improved student experience?

Matthew Arnold’s ‘Dreaming Spires’ epithet conjures up images of boating, a large pitcher of Pimms and the incredible buildings of Oxford University. Oxford remains one of the most sought after universities in the world, currently occupies the top spot in the Times Higher Education University World Rankings 2019 list. But do the ‘dreaming spires’ inspire… Read More

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