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Rope access technician surveying the side of a red brick Victorian building

What Does Rope Access Cleaning and Restoration Entail?

Rope access, or industrial abseiling, is a popular alternative to other access methods which may not be suitable for certain cleaning and restoration projects.  As discussed in our previous blog post, Rope Access Restoration for Modern Buildings and Structures, each access method has its own merits and pitfalls but rope access is particularly useful when… Read More

Tall glass building in Manchester with cradle access

Access Methods Used For Our Manchester Deansgate Square Project

A demanding and fresh challenge, our work on Deansgate Square began over two years ago when we were approached by Renaker Build LTD to undertake initial testing and reporting on the best methods for cleaning and restoring the towers of this impressive residential complex in Manchester. Our biggest challenge was the windy heights of Block… Read More

Two rope access technicians on top of London building

Rope Access Restoration for Modern Buildings and Structures

All buildings are at risk of deterioration over time and as we continue to build higher and higher, the requirements to access our tallest buildings become more complex. Simple tasks such as regular maintenance as well as more in-depth restoration and building tasks become more difficult as access becomes an issue. This is where rope… Read More

Person in work and safety gear on London building roof

Building Transformation 2020 Wrap Up: Driving Excellence

We have worked hard this year to ensure that the challenges of 2020 have had as little effect on any of our plans as possible while keeping our people safe. Due to this, we have been able to put a greater focus on the importance of continuing our company culture to drive excellence in all… Read More

What is Industrial Abseiling?

When people think of abseiling, the main images conjured up involve amazing feats for charity or daring ascents down steep mountainsides. Industrial abseiling however, is a safe and cost-effective alternative to regular access methods for cleaning, maintaining and restoring building façades and other external features. Industrial abseiling removes the need for scaffolding and is a… Read More

A Comparison: Rope Access vs. Scaffolding vs. MEWPs

Whether construction or cleaning, non-traditional and high-rise buildings require additional equipment and planning when thinking about access. As providers of a range of access options for buildings which may be deemed difficult to clean and maintain, we recognise the benefits of all the different access methods available to you, and here we’re looking at why… Read More

Central London Skyline including the gherkin

Access Services for All Instances: Exploring our Range of Services for Tall and Hard-to-Access Buildings

Maintaining and caring for a high-rise building requires specialist help. We specialise in building maintenance services which focus on your building’s fabric, climate and budget, with solutions to help even the tallest and most difficult to access premises. Our range of access services are designed to ensure any issues with your building are dealt with,… Read More

Rope Access Technicians climbing over a tall building ledge

Rope Access Cleaning: Safe and Efficient Façade Cleaning and Maintenance

There are many reasons a building’s façade may need to be treated with care. While it will of course be sturdy and built to last, there may be elements of the brickwork and design which need to be treated carefully and, in these instances, scaffolding simply isn’t suitable when cleaning and working on repairs. As… Read More

Tall building surrounded by Scaffolding

When Scaffolding Isn’t the Answer: Scaffold-Free Façade Cleaning and Maintenance

Scaffolding is a great invention and the perfect solution for cleaning and maintaining many types of building, even elements of historic and listed buildings. However, there are many instances where it isn’t the most effective, safe or recommended option for cleaning. With this in mind, it is worth considering the range of scaffold-free cleaning options… Read More

The best working at height access solution for your building

Finding the right working at height building access solution to repair, restore and maintain your building can be difficult. Choosing the correct access solution will ensure that your building is properly maintained and difficult-to-access parts are not left to decay and fail. Ensuring your building is kept safe with no worries about sudden roof, façade,… Read More

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