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Preparing a metallic surface for redecoration

In any redecoration, refurbishment or restoration project which involves coating a surface, your initial preparation is crucial. Failure to prepare properly will mean a mess: the opposite results in a high-quality finish. To ensure your new coating sticks properly remove all surface contaminants such as dirt, oil, rust and loose or flaking existing coatings. This… Read More

Floating House

Moveable Homes and Communities: Nomadic Architecture Rediscovered

Architecture that floats, walks, runs on wheels or even rolls – it’s a nomad’s dream. And it’s here now for those that are interested, and have the money to pay for it. Why this new found-fascination with moveable buildings? Well, thanks to the rapid way coronavirus has spread through cities in recent months, it’s certainly… Read More

The Bibliotheca Alexandria

Enthralling Egyptian Architecture: Contemporary Style

Yet another grand celebration which has fallen victim to coronavirus, the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) in Cairo will now take place next year. The global pandemic precipitated the latest delay for the project – which was originally supposed to open in 2015. However, the $1bn structure, when it finally does open to… Read More

The importance of roof maintenance

Despite the advances in roof materials and construction methods, roofs need regular inspection and maintenance to check for potential issues and to prepare them to deal with inclement weather. Defects that are discovered and repaired during a planned programme of maintenance will help you avoid a potentially much larger cost in the future. The fabric… Read More

Energy Efficient Building Envelope

Is Your Building Envelope Energy Efficient?

As architects, designers and construction companies strive for ever more energy efficient buildings, government targets tighten in tandem. It’s not surprising when you consider that buildings guzzle around 40 per cent of global energy, according to the EU Energy Centre. They also emit around one third of all greenhouse gases. The good news is that… Read More

façades Post-Coronavirus

Future of Building Envelopes/Façades Post-Coronavirus

Within the world of property, façades and maintenance, we are all getting used to the world post-lockdown. Each day brings new challenges, change and adaptions. We can move around more, travel and work – but all must be done with social distancing in mind. Working safely within the construction sector has its trials. But it… Read More

Make Sure Your Business Premises Are Super-Sanitised

  Are you considering using a professional cleaning company to provide virus deep cleaning of your small or medium-sized business premises? Once the Coronavirus restrictions on working are lifted you, together with any staff, can freely move back into your office, shop or café. But you will all, understandably, be concerned about contracting any potential… Read More

Will Your Warehouse Require Anti-viral Cleaning?

One way to reassure your staff they are unlikely to get the coronavirus COVID-19 when they return to work is to give your premises a professional virus deep clean. Here at Façade Experts we are trusted specialists in thorough and careful building cleaning techniques. To the extent, our customers have included universities, large hotel groups,… Read More

World Graffiti Artists Attack Coronavirus with Sprays

When it comes to helping the fight against coronavirus, graffiti artists, like the rest of us, are using sprays. Only these sprays contain paint rather than disinfectant. Street artists from Los Angeles to Lagos and locations you might never even heard of inbetween – are using their talent to help medics highlight campaign messages. It… Read More

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