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Maintaining and caring for a high-rise building requires specialist help. We specialise in building maintenance services which focus on your building’s fabric, climate and budget, with solutions to help even the tallest and most difficult to access premises. Our range of access services are designed to ensure any issues with your building are dealt with, in the most effective and appropriate way, ensuring quick work and a high level of care and attention to whatever the task in hand is. Below we’re going to look more closely at some of our key access services as well as considering why this kind of service may be needed.

Historic and Modern Building Access Challenges

Working with professionals across the building and property sector, we create bespoke solutions for façade cleaning and maintenance. Our range of services utilises a range of different access control methods from cradles to MEWPs to abseiling, ensuring the right method is used for your business.

Tall, challenging-to-access modern engineered buildings require specific types of maintenance and cleaning, often unique to their design. As technologies and engineering techniques become more sophisticated, the methods needed for cleaning and maintenance need to keep up. Safe access services are vital for keeping the most modern and cutting edge of building in the best condition and to deal with any repair issues.

Similarly, many historic and listed buildings are entirely unique in design. Many structures may appear inaccessible but in reality, the right access services can ensure any building can be appropriately cleaned, maintained and repaired with efficiency and ease. Now let’s take a closer look at the services we offer for even the tallest, most sensitive and difficult-to-access building.

Roof and Façade Leak Investigation

Specialist roof and façade leak detection solutions can protect the interior of your building without any need to step inside. Our services are suitable for buildings of all heights and sizes, including commercial buildings, listed buildings and tall, modern tower blocks. We can use abseiling rope access, cradles or MEWPs to access structures of all heights and this type of service can include:

  • Electronic leak integrity testing
  • Dry testing
  • Dec scanning
  • Vacuum dewatering and thermographics
  • Moisture mapping

Roof and Gutter Repair and Maintenance

If there is an issue with your property’s roof or guttering, it needs to be dealt with quickly. We provide emergency reactive services as well as more regular planned repair and maintenance options. Our maintenance and repair solutions can help reduce corrosion, leaks, and failure of your roofing and guttering fabric. We can also provide you with a comprehensive roof asset register which will help you be aware of any potential issues in the future and manage its maintenance effectively.

Masonry Repairs

The repair and maintenance of masonry and concrete buildings requires expert understanding of the issues which can affect these types of material. Corrosion is the main issue we deal with and look to solve it before it sets in as well as deal with the effects of it. Masonry repairs can be undertaken by scaffold, MEWPs, cradle or abseiling access and we work to ensure a close match to the existing façade with colour and texture matching offered as often as possible. Our methodologies are fully aligned with BS 8221-1:2012: Code of practice for cleaning and surface repair of buildings. We treat all buildings with the care and attention they deserve and can match masonry on listed and historical buildings as well as newer constructions.

Sensitive Building Cleaning and Restoration

Many building façades require close care and attention to maintain their integrity. Listed buildings in particular need to retain their original features and when cleaning and maintenance is carried out, this needs to be taken into consideration. Our expertise lies in the most difficult and challenging of buildings to clean and maintain, with experience in cleaning solutions for all architectural surfaces and materials.

Our building refurbishment and restoration services are sympathetic and focused on restoring buildings in line with the philosophy of Historic England. We can avoid interfering with the building’s fabric any more than necessary with scaffold-free access options such as abseiling and the use of MEWPs.

Window Cleaning and Glazing Restoration

Cradle access coming down the side of a glass building

Window cleaning of high-rise buildings, tower blocks and extensively glazed buildings requires specialist equipment and training. Our glazing specialists can help to ensure all glass is free of cement, hard calcium deposits and other debris which can build up over time. Our cleaning methods include the use of high-reach poles, MEWPs, cradles and rope access options. The best solution for your building will be offered to ensure safe and thorough cleaning. Glazing restoration may involve refitting panels or dealing with cracks and damage, all of which is carried out using appropriate methods to ensure full restoration. Utilising the wrong chemicals and cleaning methods can result in a glass façade looking tired, worn and dirty much more quickly which is why it is important to work with experienced window cleaning experts, used to working at height and to put a planned maintenance and cleaning programme in place.

Façade Maintenance for High-Rise and Hard to Access Buildings

The above are just some of our most requested services but our experience and range of access options means we can work in a wide range of different environments and have solutions even when you believe there may not be one. Our wider façade maintenance services includes:

  • Façade condition surveys
  • Bridge inspections
  • Structural surveys
  • High-rise building repairs and maintenance issues
  • Concrete protection and reinstatement
  • Brick and stone repairs and replacements
  • Surface impregnator application and protective coatings
  • External building painting and decoration
  • Guttering and roof repairs and replacement
  • Electronic testing for leak detection
  • Canopy, roof and atrium cleaning

Not all buildings are the same and many can’t be approached in a traditional manner, with ladders and scaffolding, when there is a maintenance issue. Our expertise and services offer access options for almost all buildings. We ensure to treat every building with the respect it deserves and find a way to access and work on buildings with even the most challenging of access points.

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