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Can the buildings in which we work affect our productivity and wellbeing?

EMPLOYERS traditionally did not place much emphasis on the probability that buildings affect the health, wellbeing and productivity of their workers. It is something that architects have been saying for decades, but their pleas have usually fallen on deaf ears. There are signs however that even the most hard-bitten employers are starting to wake up… Read More

The importance of Façade Cleaning Test Trials

  This iconic building sits proudly within the local environment. Our client required us to put a cost, programme and access strategy together to sensitively restore the organic-stained metal roof along with the external façade. Our solution was to visit site and use our equipment and specialist façade steam cleaning solutions to treat and clean… Read More

Materials Innovation

Material innovation and creative architectural façades designs will always play a significant role in assisting building sustainability objectives. Innovation must effectively work in line with functionality, aesthetic and commercial returns in order for it to be an attractive and utilised solution. This need is what can often create limitations in their appeal or speed of… Read More

Electrochromic Glass and Nanotechnology

Electrochromic glass uses installed photovoltaic cells that enable the transition of the façade appearance and rate of sunlight deflection. Over the past five years there has been vast improvement in the
 levels of performance obtained from the photovoltaic cells and as performance increases the costs have decreased. While glass is a favoured product for use… Read More

A More Sustainable Approach for Future Façades

  By 2050 
it is anticipated that there will be an extra two billion city dwellers across the globe and the general consensus is that sustainability can only be achieved if both developed and developing countries take the same, or a similar, course of action, There must be a common global goal, rather than individual… Read More

Facades – Future Activity

  Deconstruction, re-manufacturing and reuse of facades The construction of façades lends itself to a sustainable practice not commonly employed in domestic construction. As each component of the façade is often fixed to the structure using fasteners rather than bonding agents solely, façades can be deconstructed or dismantled. Deconstructing in place of demolition allows immediate… Read More

Sustainable Façades

GREEN infrastructure in cities and urban environments is transforming the way we live today and the energy use in buildings is undeniably a blisteringly hot topic. The concern voiced is obvious, as buildings represent roughly a third of primary energy use globally. It is crucial that buildings are designed well to minimise energy use during… Read More

Building Envelope Design and Other Solutions

Modern building envelopes are high-
tech components that must meet several requirements and constraints with regards to architecture/planning, structural performance, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, buildability and ultimately, value. As a result, building envelope design has become a specialist discipline where the building envelope engineer (aka façade engineer) collaborates with the other members of the design… Read More

Greater Care in Façades

AS long as a façade is still perceived as a commodity and not as a breathing, living skin within an urban space there will be little in the way of positive action to retain its initial architectural design – it will simply weather, age and fail over a period of time until it reaches a… Read More


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