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Access Services for All Instances: Exploring our Range of Services for Tall and Hard-to-Access Buildings

Maintaining and caring for a high-rise building requires specialist help. We specialise in building maintenance services which focus on your building’s fabric, climate and budget, with solutions to help even the tallest and most difficult to access premises. Our range of access services are designed to ensure any issues with your building are dealt with,… Read More

Rope Access Technicians climbing over a tall building ledge

Rope Access Cleaning: Safe and Efficient Façade Cleaning and Maintenance

There are many reasons a building’s façade may need to be treated with care. While it will of course be sturdy and built to last, there may be elements of the brickwork and design which need to be treated carefully and, in these instances, scaffolding simply isn’t suitable when cleaning and working on repairs. As… Read More

Tall building surrounded by Scaffolding

When Scaffolding Isn’t the Answer: Scaffold-Free Façade Cleaning and Maintenance

Scaffolding is a great invention and the perfect solution for cleaning and maintaining many types of building, even elements of historic and listed buildings. However, there are many instances where it isn’t the most effective, safe or recommended option for cleaning. With this in mind, it is worth considering the range of scaffold-free cleaning options… Read More

The best working at height access solution for your building

Finding the right working at height building access solution to repair, restore and maintain your building can be difficult. Choosing the correct access solution will ensure that your building is properly maintained and difficult-to-access parts are not left to decay and fail. Ensuring your building is kept safe with no worries about sudden roof, façade,… Read More

two people in an access cradle being raised into the london sky

How to carry out work at height safely

Work at height poses many dangers that must be addressed for personnel to be able to work safely and effectively on façade or roof repair, restoration, or maintenance projects. Examples of when Work at Height Regulations apply include abseiling down a building, working on a rooftop, or using a mobile elevated work platform such as… Read More

Roof leak detection: What is Dec scanning?

Dec scanning is used for the purposes of testing a roof that does not have a conductive element in it, or to detect moisture trapped below the surface. A deck scanner will perform where a wet or dry test will not work. How does it work? The Dec scan transmits an electrical charge into the… Read More

Roof leak detection: What is a flood test?

A flood test is a simple but effective way to check if the membrane is intact and has any defects. Once the outlets have been blocked and the roof filled with a limited amount of water it is simply a case of waiting to see if a leak occurs below. There are many limitations and… Read More

People working on a roof

Roof leak detection: what is a wet test?

A wet test, or “Vector Mapping” is used to find defects in waterproof membranes and works on a similar principle to the dry test. The purpose of the wet test is to find defects in a waterproof membrane, but it only requires a conductive material to be present in the roof build up and not… Read More

Roof Leak Detection: What is a dry test?

The Dry Test is also known as the brush test, a holiday test, or spark test. How does it work? This method works by using the principle of electricity arcing or discharging from a brass brush head to a conductive surface below the waterproof membrane. Most membranes in common use today are non-conductive although there… Read More

How To Find A Water Leak: Tracing Water Ingress

Water ingress into a building causes expensive repair bills, damage to the fabric, fixtures, and in drastic cases can lead to material and structural failure. A leak can occur from failures in the waterproof membrane of a roof, in all types of material and style of roof, but are equally likely to occur in the… Read More

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