Project Overview :

Abbey Wood is an iconic estate of MoD buildings in Feltham, Bristol, containing offices, restaurants, a library, sports facilities, training rooms, auditoria and conference rooms, support facilities and a crèche, together with landscaping and external works on a 98-acre (400,000 m2) site.

The façade is key to the integrity of any built structure, but what leads to the total failure of a façade? How do you maintain the built environment for the 21st century? How can the aesthetic and physical condition of a building façade be maintained within a cost-effective, proactive strategy?

Over time, the building fabric weakens, and action is needed to breathe new life and energy into the building skin. The building façades at Abbey Wood are not alone in needing expert care to maintain their legacy. As buildings age, they need a more specialist approach, a material-, elevation- and site-specific solution in line with their condition, to ensure the building façade exceeds its lifespan in its best condition.


Fundamentally, the level of care placed on protecting the built asset depends on values and economics. Our role is to ensure we support our clients with the information, awareness, strategies and specialist solutions they need to future-proof the condition and performance of the building façade, to help them create an environment to be proud of, and to save them from expensive future outlay.