Project Overview :

Exchange House is an iconic structure in east London, a dominating structure with a striking façade that stands out into the surrounding space. But many new structures are built without consideration for how the building’s legacy and architectural intent will stand the test of time, and whether the exposed façade skin will provide and perform within the changing and testing environment.

So what leads to a façade failing? How can the aesthetic and physical condition of a building façade be maintained within a cost-effective, proactive strategy? How do you maintain the built environment for the 21st century?


Fundamentally, the level of care placed on protecting the built asset boils down the owner’s business strategy, the emphasis they place on creating, protecting and maintaining a built environment, which people want to be part of and proud of. Our role is to ensure we support our clients with the information, awareness, strategies and specialist solutions they need to future-proof the condition and performance of the building façade.


Over time, the building fabric weakens, and action is needed to breathe new life and energy into the building skin. Exchange House, a design classic with powder-coated cladding façade and parabolic arches, is not alone in needed special care to maintain its legacy.


Today it’s clear that the building façade on Exchange House needs a 21st-century approach, to clean it, restore it, protect it and maintain it for the future. It’s clear that the current methods and approach to façade care are not delivering the solutions needed to guarantee the building’s long-term performance.


But at Building Transformation, we do things differently. We do them right. We’ve help the client build a true understanding of the action required to protect building for the future.