Project Overview :

As part of a 12 month internal refurbishment and paint removal programme, we supported the iconic London Science Museum in returning the Salons’ glazed bricks to their original state. The Salon is a private area of the museum, used for meetings and private events. We worked directly with our client, the Science Museum, to ensure that the external entrance areas presented a true reflection of the clients’ vision for the new space.

Over the years, this space – originally the mail room, compromising exposed glazed bricks, an original lime based render system as well as more modern concrete elements – had been subject to damage through every day use, as well as general weathering.


Through detailed meetings with the project team, design team and architects we understood the context of this unique area and their vision for the completed space. This enabled us to design a methodology that would restore, repair and clean the glazed brick and render, ensuring that it was in keeping with the building. Our restoration would in time form part of the story and history of the building, and so it was important that our cleaning helped the new elements blend in to the space, adding value to the overall experience.


Through this collaborative approach, we achieved results that exceeded client expectations, working within incredibly short timescales in order for them to use the space for the Queens’ opening visit in March 2019.