Project Overview :

Building Transformation was instructed by Glazzard Architects to undertake initial testing and investigations to identify the most effective and environmentally sound internal façade paint removal methods for the Grade II listed Tulketh Mill in Preston – as part of the wider regeneration of this former cotton mill.

Testing was conducted on the internal brickwork and steel columns in January 2019. We tested four locations across the third floor, ensuring that the areas being tested represented the challenges across the site.


The façade cleaning test trials and initial investigations were undertaken over a two day period and enabled our team to generate an honest and transparent paint removal and restoration proposal. We were able to identify the variation of cleaning methods, products, dwell times, programmes, challenges and project delivery costs required.

Our clients’ ultimate goal was to remove the paint to leave an ‘industrial’ feel to the internal brickwork, stepping away from the modern aesthetic of clean plasterboard interiors. We used various paint softening products across the multiple test sites in order to identify which would most efficiently and effectively achieve the desired finish. Used together with a superheated water vacuum recovery system, we safely removed and disposed of the softener and multiple layers of paint, successfully achieve a number of ‘industrial’ finishes, from which the client was able to make a final choice.