As part of our commitment to Fairfield Hall, the residences and the community that we are working within, we value your feedback.

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    Our time at Fairfield Hall

    During our time at Fairfield Hall we will be:

    •  steam cleaning all façade stonework,
    • repairing, repointing and redecorating stonework,
    • decorating timber and metal windows and doors,
    • cleaning the slate pitched roof.

    Expected project duration: 6 months.

    We will do everything we can to avoid any disruption to you as a tenant and your visitors.


    However, if you think we have lapsed in any area and want to make us aware of your concerns, please leave us your thoughts in the feedback form here.


    All feedback will be reviewed within 24 hours, Mon-Fri. If you supply any personal details we will respond to you personally, where appropriate.