Industrial rope access services delivered to help keep your business running.

High level cleaning, high access painting, surveys and maintenance for tall and difficult to access buildings in London, Manchester, Birmingham and across the UK.

Challenging to access, high level and complex building maintenance problems simplified and safely delivered on a planned and re-active basis. Practical and cost-effective solutions, which help you avoid expensive future repairs or help keep your building safe.

Why choose Building Transformation?

Planned, reactive, or scaffold-free, if you have a challenging to access building maintenance problem contact us today. We can supply a specialist access solution to test, inspect, repair, fix, stabilise, or clean tall or challenging-to-access sections of your building fabric. We work with many commercial, listed, retail, or industrial buildings and support commercial property managers and owners with test, repair, and maintenance solutions.

Reduce expense and save time with rope access solutions

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    We supply rope access and industrial abseiling solutions to test, inspect, repair, fix, stabilise, or clean your building fabric. Working with many commercial, listed, retail, and industrial buildings and support you with building inspection, testing, repair, and maintenance solutions.

    In using rope access and industrial abseiling methods to tackle problems with any tall or inaccessible structure we provide a complete solution for your building. Our solutions range from initial investigation and rescue planning to solution delivery as well as supporting the development of future maintenance planning schedules and budgeting on completion. In addition to rope access methods, temporary cradle, MEWPS, and scaffold all form part of our access plan and strategy to provide you with faster and more effective solutions that to repair and maintain your building.


    From stone, brick, or concrete repairs to stabilising weak chimneys, removing loose signage or materials from buildings, undertaking high-level leak investigations, condition surveys, repairs and much more. The work we provide is customised, detailed, and focused on helping you achieve long-term building maintenance goals.

    Technical Leak Investigations

    External Maintenance Solutions

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    Specialist Building Access

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    Façade maintenance services supplied by rope access solutions

    • High-level building repairs and maintenance
    • Façade condition surveys
    • Bridge inspections and structural surveys
    • Grouting and resin injection
    • Concrete protection and reinstatement
    • Brick and stone repairs or replacement

    • Application of surface impregnators and protective coating
    • Inspection and replacement of gaskets
    • Façade cleaning, painting and redecoration
    • Cleaning of canopies, cleaning roofs and atriums
    • Roof repairs and gutter replacement
    • Roof leak detection and electronic testing

    A total access solution to help you maintain your building fabric

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