Bespoke roof and façade maintenance service solutions for modern, historic, and difficult to access buildings

Surveys, planned and reactive maintenance for roof and facade- London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton and across the UK

Facade surveys and reports which lead to the creation of tailored building maintenance plans to fit any material, any elevation, and any budget.

Why choose Building Transformation?

We can access every part of your building envelope to collect detailed information, rope access, MEWP, scaffold, cradle and more.  We create various solutions for different budgets and schedules so you can select the one that fits your needs. Extend the lifespan of your building with a complete maintenance solution.

External maintenance solutions for the complete building envelope

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    At Building Transformation, we work with you to create bespoke roof and façade maintenance service solutions. Providing you with the services and information you need to help make informed and cost-effective decisions on the maintenance and management of your building fabric.

    We are here to help ensure that you have the solutions you need to protect and maximise the lifespan of your building envelope. We create transparency, test, demonstrate, and build flexible solutions that fit with your property portfolio or building management requirements. We pride ourselves in our client first, portfolio focused, and asset protection approach, ensuring we provide costs and solutions that are right for your building and budget.


    With a survey or investigation of your building envelope, we‘ll create a clear picture of the current condition of your building envelope and will identify any possible issues that you are, or could soon be facing, especially during the harsher winter months. Understanding potential issues with your building envelope means we can quickly and accurately identify, repair, and stop problems developing at their earliest stage, saving you from the cost of bigger future repairs and upheaval. No matter how challenging the access is, we’ll provide a complete solution from the initial investigation through to supporting the development of maintenance planning schedules and budgeting.

    Technical Leak Investigations

    External Maintenance Solutions

    One Dedicated Team

    Specialist Building Access

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    Benefits of a complete building maintenance solution

    • Increase ROI by extending the life of your building.
    • Maximise the effectiveness of your maintenance budget.
    • Access every part of your building envelope.
    • The knowledge provided by surveys means you can prioritise works within budgets.
    • Programmes and access adjusted to meet onsite and tenant’s requirements.
    • Increase the performance, condition, and lifespan of your building envelope.

    • Build an understanding of your building’s issues, risks, and health.
    • Protecting your building envelope from leaks, corrosion, and gutter failure.
    • Leaks found and stopped in their early stage, saving money long term.
    • Detailed Leak Investigation means precise and accurate repairs.

    Complete solutions to maintain, restore, and protect your building envelope

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