Corrosion Control in Metals, Concrete, Masonry. Corrosion Prevention & Aluminium Corrosion Treatment

Buildings are prone to corrosion if they are not properly maintained. This can come from a variety of different sources, including elements in the soil, water, environment and sand, and the corrosion can have extremely worrying consequences for Metal, Aluminium, Concrete, Masonry buildings if it is not caught and controlled early on. Firstly, it is important to assess what kind of corrosion is happening and what is causing it: if the building is made partially of metal, then what is it reacting with? How can it be stopped? These questions can be answered after an initial investigation.

The next step is to work out how to stop the corrosion from spreading. To use the example of metal, applying some kind of coating or lacquer will protect the metal and is much easier to re-do or replace instead of allowing the metal – and therefore the structure of the building- to be damaged i.e. Aluminium Corrosion Treatments. It’s also important to make sure that any areas that have become corroded are still safe. If the corrosion is causing serious damage this may make the building unstable and you might need to replace parts of it.

We provide specialist corrosion prevention, control & repairs solutions and inhibitors for building façades & roofs across the UK.

Corrosion can occur in many different areas, including a building’s pipes. If this happens it can disrupt the water supply, making it unsafe to drink. Severely corroded pipes may leak, which will cause other issues. Controlling corrosion is imperative, so make sure you get your building regularly assessed and take good care of it.

Corrosion prevention, control, and repair solutions

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    Corrosion costs the UK economy billions every year and it is the most common reason we are required to repair buildings and structures. We work with a variety of market-leading materials to help combat corrosion and thus enhance the durability of the building material, save money on expensive replacement projects, and reduce future maintenance costs.

    Corrosion prevention techniques range from the application of simple barrier coatings and specialist corrosion inhibitors, surface preparation and concrete repairs, galvanic cathodic protection systems and impressed current cathodic protection systems. Each system is applied by a qualified operative who can assess the level of risk to new structures or extent of corrosion on existing structures, ensuring that the most effective long-term solution is applied to the corrosion problem.


    We provide corrosion prevention solutions using a variety of building access methods such as temporary cradles, façade hoist, scaffolding and abseiling methods to implement solutions with minimum impact to the surrounding environment. Time is spent ensuring the removal of the defective areas of building fabric, exposing the areas of corrosion, and applying treatments needed to effectively solve the issues of corrosion. On completion of the repairs, we then apply a surface impregnator and protective coating to help protect the surface and internal steel from future corrosion.

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    Corrosion prevention, control & repairs solutions include:

    • Application if barrier coatings
    • Corrosion inhibitors
    • Galvanic cathodic protection systems
    • Anti-carbonation coatings to protect against ingress of carbon dioxide, oxygen and water
    • Migratory corrosion inhibitors designed to help protect the steel reinforcement
    • Cathodic protection to control the corrosion of metal surfaces

    • Concrete and masonry repairs
    • Carbon fibre strengthening
    • Grouting and resin injection
    • Concrete protection and reinstatement
    • Concrete cleaning and reinforcement
    • Application of surface impregnators and protective coating

    Protection for the complete building envelope

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