Glass Scratch Removal, Window Scratch Removal Services and Hydrophobic Protective Coatings Application in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bedford & Across the UK

Unsightly scratches on external or internal glazing can ruin the appearance of a new building or impact on the overall building façade condition and impact on its appeal.

We can help remove scratches from glass panels and then polish the fabric of the glass so it’s in a good as new condition.

We’ve all come across damaged glass from time to time, from car windshields and mirrors to scratches and cracks in windows. Having a scratch on your glass is often annoying and can, if untreated, cause deeper problems. This often happens when seasons change, as hot and cold temperatures cause glass to expand and contract, exacerbating scratches. We can fix this!

How can you remove scratches in glass?

There are two main methods of dealing with scratches in glass. The first one is to buff them out. We apply wax to a sander (specially designed for glass) and just file the rest of the glass so it’s all smoother. If the scratch is left untreated it may develop into a crack, so smoothing this over makes it less likely to happen . The other method is to apply a resin to the scratch, which will fill in any holes and leave the window a little bit thicker and stronger. To start, we’ll need to know where the glass scratches are, and how deep they go. This means that we might need to do an assessment before we begin to fix the problem, but this shouldn’t be an issue because we can usually bring all of the necessary equipment with us and fix any issues in the same day. If you’ve got a bigger job- such as a glass curtain wall that’s been a bit battered and has several scratches- it will take longer, but we’re confident that we’ll be able to solve the problem and it’s likely that you won’t have to worry about replacing the glass.

Save money on expensive glass replacement with scratch removal solutions

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    We can remove scratches from glass, leaving very little evidence of the original marks. The high standard of our scratch removal system means that you will be spared the cost of replacement, saving you money long-term.

    We don’t just remove scratches from commercial glass, we also clean windows, protect glass, and provide a range of specialist services to help maintain the external building fabric, ensuring the building is a true reflection of vision. We regularly inspect the building fabric as part of a cleaning programme, reporting defects and plans of action back to you to help provide a platform for a pro-active maintenance solution.


    We take great pride in helping clients protect their complete building envelope, helping them manage the condition through-out, not just the quality of the glazing, we use specialist access methods such as rope access, abseiling, cradles and MEWPs to access all sections of a building envelope. We provide regular condition and performance inspections to the building façade, assessing materials such as cladding, curtain walling, stainless steel, and window gaskets.

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    Window cleaning and fabric maintenance solutions include

    • Scratch removal from glazing
    • Application of hydrophobic protective coatings to external glazing
    • Window & glazing cleaning by abseiling, cradles & MEWPS
    • Deep external cleaning of float, plate & stopsol glazing
    • Full building façade cleaning & restoration

    • Specialist protective coatings with a 10-year product and service guarantee
    • Restoration and protection of stainless steel, aluminium, cladding and curtain walling
    • Inspection and replacement of gaskets
    • Cladding facade condition & performance surveys

    Protection for windows, glass facades, and curtain walling

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