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Having clean windows is a great way to improve to look and feel of a building, inside and out.

Getting rid of outside grime allows more light to get in, which is good for the rooms and the people inside them. Windows are on almost all buildings, so methods for cleaning need to be as diverse as the types of buildings. If you live in a bungalow, you might be able to get away with a ladder, bucket and a cloth but for buildings with curtain walls or glass facades, you may need to get abseilers to move all over the place on lifts and pulleys. To start, you’ll need to contact us and describe the different types of windows you have and how accessible they are. This means that we can work out what kind of equipment to bring and what sort of cleaners we’ll need to use. We also offer restoration for windows, so if they’re cracked, broken or damaged in any way we may be able to repair them and keep your building safer and more secure. We make sure we take all appropriate strategies to make sure that there are no accidents and the windows are not accidentally damaged by cleaning or refurbishment.

Why industrial and commercial window cleaning is important

Keeping the windows clean and clear is imperative and a great way to keep your building looking good. If you’re looking to sell the building, you can really improve the value by making it appear as nice as possible and showing off any views you can get. We want to support you and make sure that your windows are great, so why not contact us for a quote or examination?

Window cleaning and removal of built-up deposits at any height

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    High-quality window cleaning and glass restoration services from simple planned and re-active window cleaning to more complicated stain removal such as calcium, cement, or carbon removal, we use a range of specialist PH neutral solutions to clean and restore windows and glazing units.

    Through-out the UK we see windows cleaned using harmful chemicals, with soap suds degrading sealants, ultimately breaking down and leeching onto the facade and exhilarating the rate of weathering. The use of chemicals ultimately leaves many buildings with clean windows but façade that looks tired and weathered.


    To help protect building materials we remove the use of chemicals from our cleaning services to help reduce any reaction and deterioration of the building fabric. We adjust our methods and access solutions to suit each building and elevation, programmes can be created to suit your budget or scheduling requirements.


    We help you clean, restore, and maintain the whole building fabric from windows, cladding, render or brick, ensuring that the correct cleaning cycles and products are used within a planned maintenance cleaning programme. If you are looking for a simple window cleaning solution on a planned programme, a cost-effective solution to a multisite window cleaning project, or technical deep cleaning and protection of heavily stained windows we can help.

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    External Maintenance Solutions

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    Window Cleaning & Deep Glazing Restoration Services Include

    • Window cleaning programmes that provide glazing unit condition update
    • A total access solution: Traditional, poles, abseiling, cradles and MEWPS
    • Specialist deep cleaning of glazing units
    • Removal of built-up calcium staining, cement, and carbon
    • Application of protective coatings to reduce cleaning cycles
    • Removal and replacement of mastic joints

    • Specialist coatings with a 10-year product and service Guarantee
    • Full external building façade cleaning solutions
    • Restoration or respraying of faded powder coated window frames or cladding
    • Application of hydrophobic protective nanocoatings
    • Cleaning, restoration and inspection of anodised aluminium
    • Restoration and protection of stainless steel

    Glazing restoration and protection for glass façades

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