We offer protective coatings that help fighting dirt, organic matter and general wear and tear to protect buildings and their performance for the future.

Specialist hydrophobic coatings to protect against façade weathering.

Restore your building façade or structure with a complete building cleaning, repair and painting solution. We can help you paint and re-decorate your building whether it be a commercial property, high-rise block of flats, stadium or bridge either by rope, MEWP, abseiling, scaffold or tower hoist.

Specialist cladding cleaning, repairs, painting and re-spraying solutions for commercial or industrial buildings.

Building Transformation can also re-coating large industrial roofs, treat corrosion, re-line or repair gutters to provide you with a more complete cladding and industrial building refurbishment solution.

Improve the performance of your façade with specialist coatings

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    Protective façade coatings can complement and prolong the results of a facade refurbishment project. On modern materials such as powder-coated cladding, UV damage will breakdown the coating, leaving the surface weaker, exposed to higher rates of decay, and therefore shortening the lifespan of the product, ultimately resulting in expensive façade repair or material replacement projects.

    The application of the correct specialist façade coating will ensure your external assets are protected from aggressive salts, sunlight, organic growth, or environmental pollutants. Hydrophobic protective coatings and surface impregnators will ensure your building façade continues to stay clean, uniform, and protected from weathering for longer. We can help with the application of surface protective coatings and surface impregnators design to seal and protect the substrate, either spray, roller or brush applied.


    Our role is to create transparency so that you select and apply the correct coatings for your building fabric. We specialise in protecting buildings where materials have failed, sections corroded, shrunk, moved or loosened during weathering process and required detailed inspections. The solutions we offer are designed for each building type, material, and condition.

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    Hydrophobic surface and façade coating solutions:

    • Specialist access solutions: Abseiling, cradles, tower hoist, MEWPS and scaffolding
    • Hydrophobic coatings for cladding
    • Water-based impregnators for render, stone and brick
    • Specialist anti-carbonation coatings
    • Concrete, masonry repairs and cosmetic mortars
    • Structural masonry ties and façade stabilisation

    • Application of protective coating and weathering sealants
    • Balcony, balustrade repairs and redecoration
    • Podium and balustrade deck waterproofing
    • External wall insulation and finishes
    • Building façade cleaning
    • External building painting and redecoration

    Specialist façade coatings to protect your building envelope

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