Planned, reactive, roof, gutter repair and maintenance

Clean and maintain your roof, repair, reline or respray, increase the lifespan for 15 years

10 years’ experience providing planned, reactive roof and gutter maintenance solutions throughout the UK to Travis Perkins PLC, MoD bases and leading universities. Detail and pro-active driven solutions to reduce leaks, corrosion and failure of building fabric.

Effective solutions for corroded industrial sheeting and gutters, single ply and felt roofs. Come to us for a complete solution to help protect your building envelope, access, track and remove water ingress problems; we have an access solution for all building types. We create a comprehensive roof asset register to help you manage your roof for the future.

  • Roof Cleaning, Coating & Restoration

  • Roof Leak Detection and Repair

  • Gutter cleaning, Gutter Lining & Maintenance

A complete roof cleaning, liquid lining, airless spraying and repainting solution. Commercial buildings, retail or warehousing, we can support you with a detailed leak investigation, roof corrosion treatment, repair and ongoing roof maintenance plan. We guarantee to increase the performance, condition and lifespan of your roof, façade and building envelope. If you need a detailed roof condition survey to help build an understanding of your building, our team of engineers can provide you with a detailed picture of your building’s issues, risks and health.

Planned and re-active roof and gutter maintenance solutions

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The roof and gutters of your building play a vital frontline role in protecting business assets and stock. Yet many roof leak-related issues are dealt with on a reactive basis, either when first noticed or when they can no longer be tolerated. This simply does not make sound economic sense.

Industrial roofs are usually shallow-pitched and prone to a range of problems related to the materials and construction. Plastisol-coated roof sheets, widely used in the 1970s, corrode badly with UV damage completely breaking down the coatings. More modern composite or standing-seam roofs are prone to cut-edge corrosion and fixture failure due to the daily expansion and contraction of the building. Asbestos sheeting can still be found on many buildings, adding their well-known health hazards to the challenge of maintenance and repair. And with industrial buildings often being located on the edge of towns, they can be more vulnerable to high winds and water penetration.

We support clients with the following roof and gutter maintenance services

  • Planned and reactive roof maintenance
  • Roof and gutter coatings for flat, felt singly ply and pitched roofs
  • Corrosion control, gutter joints, repair and relining solutions
  • Electronic leak integrity testing of roof membranes for flat, felt and singly ply roofs
  • Moisture mapping and vacuum dewatering solutions
  • Thermographic surveys for all the building envelope
  • Endoscopic camera and borescope surveys
  • Roofing repairs, recoating and replacement
  • Façade stabilisation, refixing and sealing solutions

Protect your roof from leaks, corrosion and gutter failure, implement a planned roof maintenance solution and save money on reactive roof repairs, ensure your roof is repaired and maintained in the correct conditions using the correct roof repair and coating methods. We provide roof leak testing solutions to a wide variety of properties throughout the UK from commercial offices, listed buildings, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals and car parks using a variety of solutions such as electronic leak integrity testing, integrity testing of roof membranes, moisture mapping and vacuum dewatering, thermographic surveys for all the building envelope.

Cladded, brick, curtain walling, glazing or composite, we help you isolate, repair and maintain your roofs and gutters. Our role is to test, create transparency and provide information that supports you in the roof leak and building surveying process and repair with the correct roof investigation or façade repair solution in mind. We specialise in constructed buildings, where materials have failed, corroded, shrunk, moved or loosened during weathering processes and require detailed inspections. The solutions we offer are design for each building type, materials and condition and we ensure that the correct solutions are applied to help resolve your roof maintenance issues.

If you are looking to reduce re-active roof and building façade maintenance costs and increase the quality of planned service delivery for your building, we will help create you a site specific and cost-effective maintence plan, specific to your building management needs.


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