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It’s important to keep solar panels clean, so they can work as well as possible. If they get covered in algae and grime they’re less able to absorb energy from the sun, and they won’t be as efficient. Therefore, it’s imperative to keep them in good shape and clean them regularly.

How do you clean solar panels?

The type of cleaning, and how often it needs to be done, will depend on the type of solar panels you have and where they’re located. It’s worth checking this before you get them installed, and keeping them well maintained as well as cleaned. You may want to choose more low-maintenance options when you’re selecting your solar panels, and going for tilted panels over flat panels can make a substantial difference and save you time and money. If you have solar panels on your roof you’ll need to look out for different things in different seasons. For example, in the autumn leaves will quickly cover up the panels, and you need to be careful when removing them as it’s easy to scratch solar panels and prevent further issues. Snow, bird droppings and algae can also cover them quickly and should be removed. We offer a solar panel cleaning service to keep them working as efficiently as possible, and we only use detergents that won’t damage the surface and sponges that won’t scratch or cause any other issues.

Solar panel cleaning with a complete working at height solution

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    Solar panels and their productivity are governed by the amount of light that hits them; the upward-facing design of the panels allows for maximum exposure to light but also leaves them susceptible to dirt and debris build-up.

    Bird droppings, dust and dirt create a layer on the panels which in turn reduces the output. This can leave your solar panels looking unsightly but more importantly, falling short on optimum performance. Cleaning your solar panels regularly will help to protect and maintain your investment both now and in the future.


    Rainwater is NOT the way to clean Solar Panels!

    Rainwater WILL NOT clean your solar panels. Rain contains particles of dust and organic matter which can build up and create a film on the panels.


    Does cleaning Solar Panels affect your warranty?

    Many solar panel manufacturers and installation companies stipulate in the T&Cs of their warranties that the panels need to be cleaned regularly to be covered if any problems arise. If you are not able to present proof of regular cleaning, your warranty may become invalid.


    Why Choose us to clean your Solar Panels?

    We have a wealth of experience when it comes to cleaning both ground- and roof-mounted solar panel arrays. We specialise in safe, unobtrusive cleaning solutions and we are experts in project management when it comes to cleaning on solar farms or large agricultural/commercial arrays.


    Benefits of solar panel cleaning

    Owners or managers of solar panel arrays all tell us they have a common goal; to achieve maximum output and ROI on their investments. By cleaning your solar panels regularly, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your best to maximise the electricity produced, thus shortening the time before you begin to see a tangible ROI.

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