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‘Cladding’ can refer to a variety of materials that are applied to the outside of buildings for a number of different reasons.

The type of cladding will depend on the purpose of the building in question and where it is: if you’re in an area with a high amount of rainfall, for example, you’ll want something that won’t rust easily or get covered in mould.

Obviously, when builders, architects and property managers decide which sort of cladding to use they will need to consider how stable and durable the material is. But all buildings need maintenance, and part of caring for cladding is keeping it clean and in a good condition. This means looking for any damage done from the environment or elements, any wear or tear and cleaning off any pollution, grime or plants that may naturally move in over time. Getting the right cladding cleaners is really important: they’ll need to assess the material the cladding has been made of and then work out how to remove the dirt without damaging cladding.

How does cladding cleaning work?

Specialist cladding cleaning often involves steam to ‘wash’ off any outer coating of dirt and then spraying the newly clean cladding with an anti-fungal treatment to keep it in a good condition for longer. The cladding may then require new layers of paint or lacquer to improve the appearance. Cleaning a building’s cladding is also a good way to make sure that there aren’t any issues with the cladding itself: damage can sometimes be covered and ignored, but the sooner it’s caught and fixed the better.

Full restoration solutions for architectural aluminium and curtain walling

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    Restoring and respraying a facade adds significant value to the building and surrounding built environment. Failing aluminium or stainless steel cladding and curtain walling that has oxidised, lost colour, or corroded- we have a trained and fully accredited team who can provide you with a full corrosion treatment, specification, and surface coating solution.

    Working practices and surface preparation methods are adapted to each building and material type, ensuring that the correct methods are followed, and the façade restored with maximum effect and longevity. Clients are provided with a full external refurbishment solution, to ensure that the building finish meets your vision or commercial needs.


    Correct surface preparation is vital. We utilise a variety of methods to suit the surface condition to provide a comprehensive surface. The surface is inspected, and corrosion suitably treated before any application is applied. Test locations are created, and adhesion bonds tested over a period to ensure that the coating system performs in line with the recommended guidelines.


    We can provide an access solution to any structure for building inspection, surface corrosion, testing, and treatment suitability using a variety of methods such as rope access, cradle or MEWPs to access the locations for cleaning, treatments, and respraying or surface decoration.

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    Multi-disciplined solutions to restore and maintain architectural aluminium and curtain walling

    • Structural corrosion inspections
    • Cleaning and restoration of cladding and aluminium
    • Crosshatch and surface paint adhesion testing
    • Pre-project painting samples and 3D colour modelling
    • Spraying and painting of structural building surfaces and roofs
    • High-pressure cleaning and removal of corrosion and rust

    • Access solutions for all building structures
    • Fixing and re-stabilising of any loose or weak structures
    • Application of hydrophobic protective nanocoatings
    • Electronic roof leak integrity testing
    • Roof replacement and repairs
    • Gutter maintenance and replacement

    Restoration and recoating of cladding and curtain walling

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