Specialist cladding restoration, results deliver a factory finish

Deep cladding restoration, removal of failed coating & UV surface protection

Cladding façades, window frames or curtain walling systems, tall or challenging to access, we guarantee to deliver the solution you need to refurbish the cladded fabric elements on your building.

We offer a full technical and practical support solution, undertaking detailed façade surveys and performance analysis, micron thickness measurements and gloss unit measurements to ensure you have clarity in its condition and quantifiable information. Our methodologies comply with BS 8221-1:2012: Code of practice for cleaning and surface repair of buildings.

Cladding steam cleaning, restoration, protective coating application or respraying, we provide clients with a complete solution to bring the cladding back to life. We provide a range of flexible and performance driven solutions to meet the lifespan or budgetary needs of your project. If you are looking for a specialist cleaning and surface protection solution to treat damaged, sun bleached and failing powder coated and metal façades, a solution which restores colour, protects and enhances the lifespan of your powder coated or architecturally sensitive cladding.

A successful track record in specialist cladding restoration & coatings

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Our specialist products and restoration techniques restore metal cladding anodized aluminum, stainless steel and glass, returning the surface back to as ‘good as new condition’. The surface must be treatable and must have retained the original coating system for new coating system to bonds to the surface. Structures previously painted will require further painting or respraying.

The applications we use to restore and protect metal component on a building fabric are non-abrasive and PH Natural. Applied and managed you can expect a life-span of up to 3-5 years, we give you a product, a service solution 100% designed to increase the life-span of your building façade, but where longer performance is required, we always recommend a full cladding respraying solution and suggest undertaking a more detailed cost benefit analysis of the costs and product performance before making a decision on which cladding refurbishment solution you wish to take forward.

Cladding restoration, repairs and respraying solution, choice a solution for your budget:

  • Detailed cladding fabric condition surveys
  • Specialist access solutions: Abseiling, cradles, tower hoist, MEWPS, and scaffolding
  • Building façade cleaning and cladding restoration
  • Application of hydrophobic protective nano coatings
  • Cleaning, restoration and inspection of powder coated cladding
  • Inspection and restoration of anodised aluminium
  • Restoration and protection of stainless steel
  • Restoration and protection of curtain walling
  • Cleaning of float, plate and stopsol glazing
  • Scratch removal from glazing panels
  • Building painting and specialist façade repairs
  • Inspection and replacement of gaskets

The products we offer, provide a different solution to re-spraying cladding, but where required we can provide integrated solutions and implement both solutions of cladding restoration and re-spraying through-out different elevations of a building to ensure that the different surfaces receive the correct solution, budget allocation and life-span requirements. We can provide a unique and specialist range of solutions for a commercial building, tall structure or high-rise blocks, we have the proven track record, range of products and proven building maintenance experience to help protect and maintain your complete building envelope .

At Building Transformation, we support with accessing challenging to access building structures, hotels and stadiums, ensuring the complete building fabric is inspected, cleaned, restored and maintained.  From cleaning cladding, protecting curtain walling, painting steel, restoring stainless steel, inspecting glazing, gasket condition surveys or the surveying the complete building fabric, we can provide you with a holistic building maintenance solution tailored to your needs.

Cleaning, repairing and restoring building facades adds significant value to the building and surrounding built environment, recoating or painting a building is a vital solution to increasing the lifespan of building fabric. Contact us for an initial consultation and discover how we can help you on your future project.


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