Building Refurbishment, External Refurbishment and Facade Refurbishment in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Across the UK

Over time, the outside of buildings begins to deteriorate. This may happen as the materials age, or due to pollution, fire or water damage. We offer external refurbishment and facade refurbishment so you can keep your properties looking their best and safe for those who use them.

So, what is external refurbishment? It can take many forms. You may want any of the following things fixed: chimney stacks, gutters, roofs, pipes, fire escapes and external staircases, fences and maintenance to any plants growing on your building. As any building maintenance worker will tell you, all of these things need regular checks to make sure the building is safe.

Some people will want their buildings modernised, and others will want to uphold the building’s historic features. Refurbishment often includes adding or updating parts of a building: for example, someone owning a Tudor cottage might want to keep the thatched roof but add in modern gutters to keep the place dry and pleasant.

To completely modernise the outside of a building will require cooperation between refurbishers, builders, architects and owners. When this happens, buildings can gain all kinds of useful amenities such as accessible entrances for wheelchair users, or balconies for people looking to make the most of their space.

Most importantly, though, we need to keep buildings safe. Whether they’re for homes or businesses, buildings need to meet certain codes and have things like fire escapes and sturdy structures. External refurbishers may need to work with internal refurbishers to make sure that everything runs smoothly and safely for the benefit of all involved. Any damage or negligence could result in anything from lawsuits to loss of life. In less drastic cases, a lack of refurbishment may cause leaks and subsequent damage to the property through roofs with missing tiles or insufficient or broken gutters.

Specialist refurbishment services for building fabric

Façade cleaning, detailed repairs, redecoration, roofing, guttering & leadwork

Sympathetic building restoration and refurbishment solutions designed to restore old, weathered and decaying properties with maximum sensitivity and integrity. We work in line with the philosophy of Historic England, restoring buildings using traditional methods of restoration.

We specialise in retaining the value of materials, working with in-situ rather than replacing to help manage costs and impact to the building.  Minimising disruption and impact to the environment and building fabric is at the core of our approach to effective building restoration. Our solutions are aligned BS 8221-1:2012: Cleaning and surface repair of buildings.

Every project has its own unique building restoration specification, stone repair match solution (both in colour and texture), and repointing approach (whether that be flush, weather struck, recessed or a bucket handle finish). Where required, we work within listed building and conservation guidelines to provide you with a building refurbishment solution that you can be proud of. From listed buildings through to high rise commercial buildings – we use the latest technology, access methods, traditional skills and craftsmanship, to stabilise, clean, repair, fix, respray and restore your building.

Pre project testing, onsite surveys, test trials, proven specifications

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With a proven track record working with all materials, from stone, cladding, curtain walling and render, we use sensitive, non-abrasive techniques to help restore and increase the lifespan of your building. We provide a complete building envelope refurbishment service from paint removal, masonry repointing, stucco / façade repairs and redecoration, from the roof down to the ground.

We specialise in sensitive façade cleaning, restoration and protection solutions for tall and high-rise, historic, challenging to access building façades, across the UK and throughout the world. We bring buildings back to life, helping them to live, breathe and thrive into the 21st century. Our building fabric care programmes help increase the lifespan of buildings. We restore buildings with sensitivity, care and longevity in mind. Our solutions have been designed to solve problems related to façade and building fabric weathering, decay and failure. Stone, concrete, brick or render, we provide the right solution for your building. With each elevation receiving a customised treatment, we have a tailored solution for your building and budget.

Our sympathetic facade refurbishment and roof maintenance solutions include:

  • Full building cleaning, façade repair and protective coatings
  • Specialist access solutions: Abseiling, cradles, tower hoist, MEWPS and scaffolding
  • Masonry, concrete and façade repairs
  • Structural masonry ties and façade stabilisation
  • Building painting and hydrophobic coatings
  • Restoration and protection of curtain walling
  • Inspection and replacement of gaskets
  • Stain removal including carbon, traffic film, effluence staining & environmental pollution
  • Facade condition surveys
  • Roof leak detection and integrity testing
  • Traditional roofing and leadwork
  • Installation of rainwater goods and guttering

Surveyors, local authorities, building owners and managers regularly work with us to help create bespoke façade refurbishment solutions. We understand that facade cleaning and building restoration projects often need to take place while the building is in full use. We use the most appropriate access solution to suit your needs, installing scaffolding, using abseiling and rope access or MEWPS to manage our projects safely.

Listed buildings and period properties are constructed using a wide range of materials, often locally sourced which need to be matched during the restoration. Beautifully designed and intelligently engineered buildings and the general external building fabric can be left for hundreds of years with little or no maintenance, leaving materials to weather and decay. We use low pressure steam cleaning methods for soft soiling matter and combine it with a range of other specialist cleaning methods such as TORC (aggregate based methods, poultice, nebulous and chemicals are used in a targeted manner to help soften certain forms of pollution). We use traditional methods to restore, preserve and maintain historic buildings for many years to come.

At Building Transformation, we love restoring, exposing and maintaining building fabric, it’s our job to ensure we play our part in helping to restore buildings with maximum sensitively to the façade and the surrounding built environment. Contact us for an initial consultation and discover how we can help on your future project.


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