Chemical cleaning solutions to remove stubborn staining on your façade

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    We clean, restore, and refurbish external building façades, working with modern, listed, tall, and challenging to access building structures to ensure that the building fabric reflects your vision whilst ensuring its condition is protected for the future.

    Modern buildings are constructed with a wide variety of materials which need specialist façade care, cleaning and maintenance, each material needs a different solution to enhance its lifespan. Often constructed with little or no clearly defined façade access or maintenance plan, beautifully designed and intelligently engineered building façades are often inaccessible, leaving materials to weather and decay. Our chemical cleaning solutions are designed to be part of a bespoke façade cleaning plan, with all waste managed efficiently and safely.


    Stone, concrete, cladding, brick, or render we have the experience and expertise to provide you with the chemical cleaning solutions and technical information you need to effectively clean and restore your building. Our solutions are aligned BS 8221-1:2012: Cleaning and surface repair of buildings.


    We are experts at using chemicals, deliberately and carefully breaking down and removing particularly bad façade staining. We sensitively clean external buildings, removing staining such as carbon, traffic film, effluence staining, leached salts, organic matter, environmental pollution and paint from your stone, concrete, brick, rendered or cladded building façade.  We know that no one size fits all, so if your façade cleaning project requires chemicals, you can trust us to formulate a strategy that will work.

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    Roof Maintenance Solutions

    Building Maintenance Solutions

    We specialise in the following façade cleaning and building maintenance solutions

    • Façade cleaning and restoration: Super-heated steam and Nebulous cleaning
    • Poultice application for those troublesome, hard to shift areas of build-up
    • Gentle chemical cleaners with full waste management strategies
    • Building cleaning and restoration for historic and modern façades

    • Specialist access solutions: Abseiling, cradles, tower hoist, MEWPS, and scaffolding
    • Masonry, concrete and façade repairs
    • Structural masonry repairs and wall ties installations
    • External building painting and decoration

    Building façade cleaning using chemical and aggregate based methods

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