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Cladding is an extra layer that surrounds some buildings. It’s used for a variety of things, including insulation, protection from severe weather and to improve the building’s look. It can be made from metal, brick, some plastics including vinyl and wood.

Like any building’s exterior, cladding needs regular upkeep. Most importantly, to keep the cladding safe it should be regularly checked to make sure it’s not a fire risk and that no parts have become loose or faulty as they could fall and injure someone. But it’s also important to make sure that a building’s cladding is regularly repainted, sprayed and resprayed.

We offer cladding repainting, cladding spraying, cladding respraying and cladding Redecoration services to help keep your cladding in the best possible condition. Repainting the cladding will obviously improve its look, and fresh paint can protect the cladding from wear and tear as well as rust and other damage, especially if a protective base layer is used. Cladding repainting and redecoration is also a good way to ‘spruce up’ the look of a place and give it a more professional appearance, which can be imperative for business and if a building is being sold.

Cladding spraying and respraying updates the coating but won’t necessarily add colour to the cladding. However, spraying can ‘revive’ the cladding’s appearance and help metal cladding keep its shine and stop it from going dull. There are many types of spray for cladding, and each cladding material will need different maintenance. These include facade coating systems, roof sheet coating and coating that makes the facade look like it’s made of metal.

Respraying, repair & colour matching solutions

Curtain walling, render, window frames or roofs, respraying solutions for buildings

Failing coatings, oxidised surfaces and loss of colour or corrosion build up, we have a trained and fully accredited team who can provide you with a full corrosion treatment, specification and surface coating solution. Our work is regulated, inspected and fully warranted by external auditors.

All our solutions comply with BS 6150:2006-A1:2014 for painting and re-coating of buildings. From bridges, buildings, roofs and tanks we have the inhouse training, expertise and certification to provide you with a surface preparation and paint coating solution to help you protect your building from fabric failure and surface decay. Paint samples are agreed and specialist cross hatch testing confirms adhesion quality.

To provide a suitable building respraying solution whether it be metal, a rendered facade or a masonry surface, the correct procedures must be followed through-out the process. From health & safety planning, corrosion inspection, coating build up and product selection along with the methods used to apply the products, all are essential to the success of the building painting project. Working practices and surface preparation methods are adapted to each building and material type, ensuring that the correct methods are followed and the building painted with maximise effect and longevity.

Building respraying projects for cladding, brick & terracotta

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We can provide an access solution to any structure for building inspection, surface corrosion testing and treatment suitability using a variety of access methods such as rope access, cradles or MEWPS to access the locations for cleaning, treatments and respraying or surface decoration.

Correct surface preparation is vital, we utilise a variety of methods to suit the surface condition to provide a comprehensive surface clean, often using high pressure or abrasive cleaning methods to ensure that the surface is fully cleaned, etched and any historical coatings or corrosion removed. The surface is inspected, and corrosion suitably treated prior to any priming or coatings applications applied. Test locations are created, and adhesion bonds taken over a period of time to ensure that the paint coating system performs in line with the recommended guidelines.

A Multi-Disciplined Solution to Clean, Paint, Refurbish & Maintain Industrial Buildings:

  • Structural corrosion inspections
  • Surface preparation specification development
  • Cross hatch and surface paint adhesion testing
  • Pre-project painting samples and 3D colour modelling
  • Spraying, painting of steel and structural building surfaces and roofs
  • High pressure cleaning and removal of corrosion and rust
  • Access solutions for all building structures
  • Fixing and re-stabilising of any loose or weak structures
  • Cleaning and restoration of powder coated cladding and aluminium
  • Application of hydrophobic protective nano coatings
  • Electronic roof leak integrity testing
  • Roof replacement and repairs
  • Gutter maintenance and replacement

If you are a warehouse manager, building surveyor or group facility manager looking for a solution to reduce metal fabric failure, treat corrosion, clean, restore, repair or refurbish the exterior of your cladding or building façade, please contact James today, as a surface coating specialist he can help start the journey of your project smoothly and ensure you have all the correct technical information to hand.  From the outset, we guarantee to create tailor-made solution to help you treat, spray and restore your building façade, structure or roof. For 18 years our team of facade refurbishment specialists have been treating, preparing, restoring, painting, respraying and protecting all types of metal, powder coated and aluminium cladding.

Clients are provided with a full external cladding, building or structural refurbishment solution where required, ensuring that the building finish meets their vision or commercial needs, methods and coatings types are reviewed to ensure that the products used maximise the client’s budgetary requirements.  On completion of a building respraying project we can also provide you with an ongoing building or façade inspection solution helping you to keep your building façade fresh and uniform throughout the year, thus maximising your investment costs and ROI. We do this by working with you to design and implement long-term maintenance solutions that work with your site maintenance budgets and needs.

Respraying and restoring building structures and facades adds significant value to the building and surrounding built environment, recoating or painting a building is vital solution to increasing the lifespan of building fabric. Contact us for an initial consultation and discover how we can help on your future project.


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