External Building Maintenance for listed and heritage roofs and facades. Lead, stone, brick, render, masonry, slate and more.

Cleaning, paint removal, redecoration, surveying, repairs, and restoration of listed, historic, and period properties across the UK- London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton.

Conservation and building maintenance for listed buildings. Working within conservation guidelines to ensure your building meets standards.

Why Choose Building Transformation to restore your listed building?

We have many years of experience in façade cleaning, brick repairs, repointing, structural repairs and wall ties, roofing, leadwork, and external redecoration for listed and historic properties. Our qualified stonemasons can be trusted to take care of your building and provide accurate material sourcing and colour matching solutions to ensure your building retains it’s original character.

Restoration and Conservation of Listed, Period, and Heritage Properties

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    We provide traditional conservation and restoration methods for masonry, lime renders and plastering, timber, roof, and chimney repairs for listed, historic, and period buildings to repair, paint, clean, and fully restore your building façade.

    Employing professional building restoration and conservation solutions, including stone and brick repairs, repointing, sensitive cleaning, for complete sympathetic restoration and refurbishment of external façades. We have a proven track record of working with grade 2 listed stately homes, churches, manor houses, and period buildings.


    Our work is carried out in line with English Heritage and Historic England philosophies, using minimal intervention methods and techniques aligned to the history and the future requirements of the façade. We work with lime render, limestone, sandstone, natural stone, bath stone, and granites from across the UK. With quality workmanship and professional advice from our specialist team, registered with the stone federation, Construction Line and CHAS accredited we can also carry out internal restoration services such as paint removal, timber repairs, and stone masonry.


    We use low-pressure steam, nebulous, poultice cleaning, and other methods combined with a range of specialist cleaning methods such as TORC cleaning systems. As specialist stonemasons, we have the skills and expertise needed to provide you with the best conservation, material matching, and restoration solution in order to sensitively restore and protect your natural stone and masonry for years to come.

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    External Maintenance Solutions

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    Our solutions for listed, heritage, and period buildings

    • Super-heated steam (e.g. TORC), nebulous and poultice cleaning
    • Masonry repairs and repointing
    • Repointing and replacement 
    • Mortar and cracking repairs 
    • General masonry works and stabilising
    • Terracotta repairs and replacement works

    • Render repairs and painting
    • Application of hydrophobic coatings and weathering sealants
    • Structural masonry ties and façade stabilisation
    • Electronic roof leak integrity testing
    • Roof replacement and repairs
    • Gutter maintenance and replacement

    Historic, listed and heritage building restoration:

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