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Render, when relating to buildings, is the plaster coating on the outside of the house that acts as a kind of ‘skin’ or layer. Buildings may be covered in render or K-Rend to protect them from the usual elements, pollution and plants or so that the exterior of the building can be painted without the paint going directly onto brick.

Like all buildings, rendered buildings need maintenance, cleaning, painting and general upkeep. Some render buildings will have storage (like sheds) leaning up against them, and when they’re moved the dirt and buildup becomes much more apparent. Obviously, this is not ideal and would be the perfect opportunity to clean the render. Cleaning render or K-Rend can be done by softwashing, jet washing or blasting with a power hose, but it may damage the render and is usually best avoided. Wet weather exacerbates the growth of moss and algae on render, so spraying it with more water will not help in the long run. The best render cleaning will come with a pre-treatment to protect the render itself before the dirt is cleaned off, often using a softwash. There are environmentally friendly options available to prevent any additional pollution and keep harmful chemicals away from homes.

Render painting is best done after the render building has been washed and properly cleaned. If the dirt and pollution has really affected the render, there’s a good chance it will have damaged the paint, too. Therefore, we would recommend a post-way paint job to get the render looking as good as possible. It’s also not necessary to wait until the old paint is chipped or peeling: many people get their render re-painted to change its colour, possibly as part of a rebrand for businesses or redecorating a home.

Restore your render façade, redesign your building

Render cleaning, repairs & painting solutions with durable coating systems

Surface treatments, highly effective and flexible paints that bridge gaps and save costs on primers. We colour match, repair, paint and restore buildings. Our methodologies comply with BS 8221-1:2012: Code of practice for cleaning and surface repair of buildings and BS 6150:2006- A1:2014 for painting.

If you are a surveyor, architect or property manager searching for a range of sensitive and approved render refurbishment solutions speak to a member of our specialist render restoration team today. We provide clients with a full colour matching and scaled up design service to help them visualise how their building will look on completion. We take your vision and provide you with opportunities to maximise the value with your building.

We predominantly use colour matched pigmented silicone resin coating and painting systems due to their flexibility, quality and durability. The final coating also contains a film preservative to help protect façade or newly painted surfaces from further infestation and growth of alga or fungi. The façade painting systems applied are highly effective at repelling water and breathable. The paints systems are self-cleaning, non-streaking, and can be applied with a wide range of colours and highly UV resistant.

Solutions for cleaning, painting & refurbishing rendered façades

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Pro-actively managing organic and visually unattractive growth on the rendered façade is simple, plus it reduces the need to clean the building as the treatment targets and removes the root causes of the discoloration and decay on the rendered facade.  Limiting the growth of the algae and organic spores is the key to reducing the cleaning and painting cycles, the most cost-effective methods of maintaining your render. Cleaning cycles with render should be limited, the cleaning programme and pressures applied during the process, must be soft to help preserve its integrity for the future.

For render cleaning projects we simply apply a specialist cleaning agent that absorbs into the render and breaks down the algae, lichen and moss spoors and puncturing microorganisms cell walls.  It does not interact with the mineral components of self-finished renders and does not contain any compound deleterious to the colouring agents or the surface cohesion. On porous render, the surfactant active will decontaminate deep into the surface porosity by capillary action and can then be treated with a light steam clean to create the final product. Once applied natural weathering process provide a highly effective maintenance clean for rendered facades.

Specialist render, façade refurbishment and roof maintenance services:

  • Complete render refurbishment: cleaning, repairs, painting & protection
  • Specialist access solutions: Abseiling, cradles, tower hoist, MEWPS, & scaffolding
  • Sanitisation for algae effected render
  • Steam and restorative cleaning for render
  • Render repairs & painting
  • Application of hydrophobic coatings & weathering sealants
  • Masonry, concrete and façade repairs
  • Structural masonry ties and façade stabilisation
  • Application of protective coating and weathering sealants
  • External building painting & decoration
  • Electronic roof leak integrity testing
  • Roof replacement and repairs
  • Gutter maintenance and replacement

As modern architecture pushes the boundaries of material design and performance, the need to take greater care of the building fabric increases. We use hot water cleaning, low pressure cleaning steam cleaning methods to restore, preserve and maintain soiled rendered building façades and exteriors on old, modern and new buildings through-out the UK.  If the render is also affected by carbon and environmental pollutants a light, but phased steam clean using 150 degree steam is the most effective to help achieve the desired end result.

We provide a complete solution for cleaning render, repairing and protecting rendered facades along with other building façade materials such as stone, brick, concrete and architectural cladding. On completion of a building cleaning or painting project, we can also provide you with an ongoing treatment and render maintenance plan to help you keep your building façade fresh and uniform throughout the year, thus maximising your investment costs and ROI. We do this by working with you to design and implement longer-term render maintenance plan that works with your site maintenance budgets and needs.

Cleaning, repairing and restoring building facades adds significant value to the building and surrounding built environment, recoating or painting a building is a vital solution to increasing the lifespan of building fabric. Contact us for an initial consultation and discover how we can help you on your future project.

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