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Sandblasting and aggregate cleaning are very similar. In both practices, a surface such as concrete will have small particles blown at it at high speeds to remove dirt or stains. This method is popular for a number of reasons, including that it doesn’t use water and therefore is easier (in some cases) to clean up. Sandblasting can also smooth down rough surfaces as the particles wear down uneven areas.

As the name suggests, sandblasting used to use sand to clean. Now, sand is less common because there are so many better materials out there, like plastics and fine glass. To sandblast, you’ll need a sandblasting gun. This looks a little bit like a drill, and spits out a fast stream of material. It can be used on metal to clean off rust and oxidised marks. Some people refer to sandblasting as ‘abrasive blasting’: they’re the same.

Grit blasting is very similar and can also be used on different metals. It is sometimes called ‘shot blasting’. The type of grit used can vary from different types of silicone to ground walnut shell. When a surface has been grit blasted it can be welded better or be painted over, giving the paint a smoother, cleaner and longer lasting hold.

Grit and sandblasting are good ways to keep aggregate concrete clean. This is a popular method of paving for many gardens and driveways as it is both pretty and cheap. The smaller particles in the grit and sand help clean out the smaller, harder to reach crevices and make this a popular and reliable method. It can also stop small plants and moss from rooting too well in the aggregate.

Sandblasting and specialist aggregate façade cleaning

Aggregates, pressures and flow rates adjusted to remove, strip, clean and restore

Stone, brick, concrete, timber and steel, we breathe new life and energy into your building with innovative soft swirling abrasive and light sandblast building cleaning

A complete building façade cleaning and paint/coating stripping solution for both internal and external building restoration solutions. Experienced in various restoration solutions, we continuously adapt methods, pressures, flow rates and dwell times to suit your façade soiling type. Our methodologies are aligned to and comply with British Standards 8221-1:2012: Code of practice for cleaning and surface repair of buildings.

We clean and restore a variety of buildings (including heritage) in order to support the client’s vision and brand values whilst ensuring the building is protected for the future. Stone, brick, concrete, timber and steel, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with the solutions and information you need to clean, restore and proactively maintain your building façade.

A successful track record in specialist building restoration

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Light abrasive cleaning

If your building cleaning project requires some gentle abrasion, Building Transformation can help you to select the most appropriate aggregate method for your building, soiling type, level or paint.

VorTech is a ‘swirl-abrasive’ system, borne out of the “Jos” technology, originally developed in Germany, in the 1980s. The system uses a selected abrasive carried by a flow of compressed air to a nozzle, at which point, water is added. The mixture then passes through the nozzle and exits in a vortex, which is directed at the substrate to be cleaned. The VorTech system we use is an innovative way of cleaning your building and helping to shift stubborn coatings and paint. The VorTech is our go-to solution for light aggregate cleaning, as it allows us to clean your building sensitively and efficiently.

Our light abrasive cleaning services can be used on the following:

  • Paints, dirt & carbon
  • Graffiti, street art or pollution
  • Stone, brick, timber
  • Steel, columns and structures
  • Residential properties, industrial properties
  • Commercial properties, heritage properties and monuments


Certain situations call for a more abrasive method of cleaning in order to achieve the desired result.  This is where blast cleaning and stripping comes into its own.  Delivered at high speed through a hose and nozzle, abrasive material and compressed air hits the surface with a punch, stripping away stubborn rust, dirt, varnish, paint and coatings with ease.  This method is ideal for preparing surfaces for recoating or painting, or simply for removing years (or centuries) of dirt accumulation on aged brickwork.

Our sandblasting services can be used on the following:

  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Timber
  • Steel
  • Flooring
  • Beams
  • Graffiti
  • Residential properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Heritage properties

Sympathetic building restoration solutions in line with the philosophy of Historic England, we restore sandstone, limestone, brick and terracotta. We work with the condition of the building, adjusting methods to suit the type of masonry to create a balanced finish without over-cleaning or damaging the façade. We provide technical information and advice to help support your conservation planning, listed building consent and architectural requirements.

Onsite facade cleaning test trials are essential in creating pre-project clarity and cost certainty, this process enables us to collectively build greater understanding. First and foremost we will always seek to understand why you are looking to restore your building façade, this will enable us to build a clear vision of how we can help you whilst working within any listed building, conservation guidelines, planning issues or restrictions. Methods of cleaning are reviewed, risk and limitations of each method discussed so you understand what you can and can’t achieve from your project.

At Building Transformation, we love restoring, exposing and maintaining building fabric, it’s our job to ensure we play our part in helping to restore buildings with maximum sensitively to the façade and surrounding built environment.  Contact us for an initial consultation and discover how we can help on your future project.

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