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Allowed to decay stainless steel will become rusty and pitted, its once shiny appearance removed through neglect.

If your property is by the sea, weathered and constructed with stainless steel we can restore it back to its original state, then help protect it for the future.

Stainless steel is an amazing material that isn’t affected by rust and doesn’t corrode. For that reason it is extremely popular and is often used for many different things, including on buildings. The downside of stainless steel is that any dirt does show up extremely easily, and it can be marked by everything from water to fingerprints.

Stainless steel can be cleaned with a specialist solution.

This will tackle difficult stains and you can do this at home as part of basic cleaning and maintenance – stainless steel is often used on the outside of ovens and sinks, so giving it a wipe over every week or so will keep it hygienic and looking nice.

For bigger jobs, try looking into professional stainless steel cleaning and restoration. With a combined service you’ll know that there’s no risk of anything being missed, and we’ll be able to advise you on how regularly you’ll need to have the steel cleaned and restored to keep it safe, functional and in line with your building’s guidelines. We also offer restoration to get rid of any scuffs or scratches, and we can repaint if necessary.

To restore and refurbish stainless steel, a solution will be applied to a cleaning tool. This is often some sandpaper that will take the top layer off and improve the quality of what’s underneath. This makes the stainless steel shinier and look better as well as removing any dirt or pollution that may have applied itself. If there are any dents or other damage, we can assess these and let you know how to fix or fill these in.

Remove rust, leaching, salts, and environmental pollution on stainless steel

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    Building Transformation provide specialist stainless steel cleaning and restoration solutions to help increase the lifespan and quality of the material. We work with the grain of the material to sensitively remove damaging environmental pollutants, once restored we apply protective hydrophobic coatings help it perform for longer.

    We sensitive remove pitted rust spots, dirt, and grime by working with the grain of the metal and use non-abrasive, PH neutral products to restore the stainless steel to a factory-quality finish. Then on completion of the cleaning process, we apply a specialist hydrophobic coating to protect the steel from further corrosion. We help breathe new life back into the material and save on the cost of replacement.


    With full technical and practical support, we can carry out detailed façade surveys, performance analysis, micron thickness measurements, and gloss unit measurements to ensure you have clarity and quantifiable information to make informed decisions on how to best restore and protect the stainless steel on your building. Our specialist products and restoration techniques restore metal cladding, anodized aluminium, stainless steel, and glass, returning the surface to as good as new.

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    Condition surveys and restoration for stainless steel buildings include

    • Detailed stainless steel fabric condition surveys
    • Specialist access solutions: Abseiling, cradles, tower hoist, MEWPS, scaffolding, and more
    • Full stainless-steel cleaning and restoration
    • Building painting and specialist façade repairs

    • Hydrophobic protective nanocoatings with a 10-year product and service guarantee
    • Business case development proposals with access and programme plans
    • Cladding facade condition and performance surveys
    • Drone and thermal imaging façade surveys

    Specialist repair, restoration, and protection for stainless steel façades

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