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    21st Century Façades is a unique Building Transformation framework designed to proactively care for the building skin. We understand the building skin, we manage it, and we care for it. Unique to Building Transformation, we can and will create a solution for any building within any budget.

    We are setting new standards of façade care that meet the needs of the 21st century building assets and global sustainability targets. Proactive, elevation and material-specific maintenance solutions give your façade the best opportunity to retain its quality, condition, and performance.


    With our 21st Century Façades programme, we guarantee quality, care and the protection of your building both as an asset and as a legacy. We also guarantee every building — as well as each material and elevation within the building façade — a specific care plan. We pride ourselves on honest façade care programmes that are built over time and investigation. We do not make presumptions, and we do not generalise, we protect and future proof your built environment.


    We maintain buildings for the future by inspecting, measuring, and caring for the complete building envelope in a consistent and long-term planned programme. This means the reduction of one-off projects costs and maintenance of the façade with a consistent and high level of quality. Our 21st Century Façade Programme can adjust and adapt to capture the information and maintenance you need to help maximise your budget.

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    Benefits of a 21st century façade maintenance programme

    • Specific façade maintenance, no ‘one size fits all’ approach
    • Protecting and future-proofing your façade
    • Reduction of one-off and reactive maintenance costs
    • Selection of plans to fit with your maintenance budgets

    • Consistent and high-quality façade care
    • Maximisation of your investment potential and property ROI
    • Increased lifespan of your building

    Building maintenance and repair solutions fit for the 21st Century

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