International Facade Inspections, Condition Surveys and Cleaning

Designed to give you a greater understanding of cleaning methods, limitations and risks, or greater cost certainty and vision of your end product.

We specialise in cleaning, protecting and maintaining tall and high-rise building facades.

From metal cladding, curtain walling, glass or stone, modern and historic, we have a solution to any façade maintenance or access problem.

International Facade Inspections, Condition Surveys and Cleaning

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    By cleaning, repairing, protecting, and maintaining your building asset, we help you maximise, retain, and increase your property asset value. Through innovation, exploring new methods, products, and programmes, we guarantee to increase the lifespan of your building envelope.

    We work with global brands on the world stage, protecting iconic buildings and forging solid partnerships with leading property management companies, developers, and owners. With a façade maintenance plan including specialist façade inspections, condition surveys, restoration, maintenance, and high-rise building access solutions. Our specialist service solutions include: Façade performance consultancy, restoring the building skin, and specialist façade protection.


    We solve problems related to weathering, decay, and façade failure- arming you with essential façade condition information and delivering façade restoration and planned maintenance solutions to help facades live, breathe, and thrive into the 21st Century.  As the leading façade maintenance solution service provider, we are innovators in the creation of site and elevation specific building fabric care programmes, designed to help increase the lifespan of your building.

    Technical Leak Investigations

    External Maintenance Solutions

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    Specialist Building Access

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    Benefits Include

    • Solutions for modern materials, tall, supertall, and challenging-to-access buildings
    • Detailed façade condition surveys and localised weathering pattern analysis
    • Building fabric performance analysis including drone and thermal imaging
    • Specialist test trials and protective coating applications
    • Written business case reporting, presentation and façade app developments

    • Processes to restore and protect the condition of the building skin
    • Specialist methods of restoration for modern, architecturally sensitive buildings and structures
    • Building fabric repairs and application of protective façade coatings
    • Advanced strategies for urban fabric care and sustainable long-term performance and savings
    • Annual building façade inspections to develop real lifecycle value and cost structures

    Experts in protecting and maintaining the building envelope

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