External painting, cleaning, and repair solutions for educational buildings

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    Complete roof and facade leak testing and investigation solutions for universities, colleges, and schools. Our roof leak investigation solutions include electronic leak detection, moisture mapping, endoscope surveys, and borescope surveys for single ply, felt, flat, metal, pitched roofs, and facades.

    Are you an educational facilities manager, bursar, or responsible for the maintenance of university, college, or school buildings? Are you looking to obtain budgets to help with SIF Bids for future roof planned projects? Struggling with a current roof leak? Maybe you have tried previous repairs and been unsuccessful?


    Building Transformation are specialists in helping building managers within the education sector maintain facilities with fast, efficient, minimal impact testing and repairs. With various access solutions available we can access any type of educational building using practical, safe, and cost-effective access methods. We test and investigate to provide you with transparent information, so you make informed roof maintenance and repair decisions.


    Lower and higher education portfolios are often a mix of historic and new buildings. While historic buildings are more likely to suffer from decay, damp, higher maintenance costs, and gutter or roof issues, modern rendered or cladded buildings can also suffer from weathering and failure without regular maintenance. Building Transformation is a service partner with a proven record of delivering projects for various commercial, listed, and challenging to access buildings.

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    Specialist roof and façade services for the educational facilities

                  Leak Investigations:

    • Detailed roof and facade leak detection, testing, water ingress investigations, and reports
    • Electronic leak testing of roof membranes for flat, felt, and singly ply roofs
    • Moisture mapping and vacuum dewatering solutions
    • Thermographic, endoscopic camera, and borescope surveys

                  Façade Services:

    • Specialist façade condition surveys
    • Façade leak investigations and testing
    • Removal of damaged or failing façade cladding, render, or materials
    • High-level building masonry and concrete repairs

                  Roofs and Gutters:

    • Planned and reactive roof and gutter maintenance for listed and commercial buildings
    • Installation of new rainwater and guttering systems
    • Roof repairs, liquid relining, and flexible coatings solutions
    • Corrosion control, gutter joint repairs, and rainwater system maintenance

    Façade and roof maintenance solutions for universities and schools

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