Cleaning, repairs, painting and external refurbishment for heritage buildings

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    We are experts in complete façade restoration, stone cleaning, and masonry repairs for listed and heritage buildings, providing a complete solution so your building can be restored and maintained for the future.

    Our specialist team has strong experience in façade cleaning, brick repairs and repointing, structural repairs and wall ties, and full façade restoration inclusive of traditional roofing, leadwork, and external decorations for listed properties.


    Initially, we provide you with a detailed structural and building survey to identify issues and propose the best solution. By working closely with you we can build a clear vision of how we can support you while working within any listed building (all grades), conservation guidelines, planning issues or restrictions. We sensitively clean buildings, removing staining such as carbon, traffic film, effluence staining, leached salts, organic matter, environmental pollution and paint from your stone or brick building façade. Using a range of methods depending on the building – hot water cleaning, low-pressure cleaning and steam cleaning.


    Façade cleaning and restoration on listed and heritage properties should only be undertaken by conservation specialists. Before starting a project, we work with you to ensure all the correct planning regulations are in place, conservation guidelines and all relevant BS standards have been observed.

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    Our restoration and maintenance services for listed and heritage buildings

                  Façade Services:

    • Specialist sensitive cleaning for stone cleaning and brick
    • Paint removal on building facades
    • Masonry, concrete and façade repairs
    • Installation of traditional rainwater and guttering systems
    • Installation of internal lime plasters and renders
    • Specialist decorations such as gilding and limewashing

                  Leak Investigations:

    • Drone and thermal imaging façade surveys
    • Detailed roof and facade leak detection, testing, water ingress investigations, and reports
    • Electronic leak testing of roof membranes for flat, felt, and singly ply roofs
    • Moisture mapping and vacuum dewatering solutions
    • Thermographic, endoscopic camera, and borescope surveys

                  Roofs and Gutters:

    • Planned and reactive roof and gutter maintenance for listed and commercial buildings
    • Installation of new rainwater and guttering systems
    • Roof repairs, liquid relining, and flexible coatings solutions
    • Corrosion control, gutter joint repairs, and rainwater system maintenance
    • Traditional roofing and leadwork, using slate and lead
    • Installation of bird deterrents.

    Leak detection, maintenance, roof and façade repair solutions for historic, listed, and heritage buildings

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