External cleaning, repair, and maintenance for tall and high rise buildings

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    From the early 20th century, the construction of tall buildings has continued to create a mix of real estate speculation, technological advancements and architectural experimentation. As tall buildings age and the materials decay, the need to inspect and maintain the fabric has grown ever more important.

    At Building Transformation, we specialise in maintaining the fabric condition of tall and challenging to access building structures, from full building cleaning, restoration, and façade repair for awkward-to-access building façades, within the UK and international property markets.


    From cleaning cladding, protecting curtain walling, painting steel, restoring stainless steel, inspecting glazing, gasket condition surveys or surveying the complete building fabric, we can provide a holistic solution tailored to your high-rise building façade. Building restoration and façade refurbishment projects will often take place whilst the building is in full use, programmes adjusted to meet onsite and tenant’s requirements or delivered through the night where required.


    We design and implement façade refurbishment façade repair or external building painting solutions using a variety of building access methods such as temporary cradles, façade hoist, scaffolding and abseiling method, cleaning, repairing, stabilising, and restoring building façades.

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    We specialise in the following façade maintenance services for tall and high-rise buildings

                  Façade Services:

    • Specialist access solutions: Abseiling, cradles, tower hoist, MEWPS, and Scaffolding
    • Full external building cleaning, façade repair and protective coatings
    • Scratch removal from glazing panels
    • Restoration and protection of curtain walling and stainless steel
    • Façade condition surveys, business case proposals, access and programme plans

                  Leak Investigations:

    • Drone and thermal imaging façade surveys
    • Detailed roof and facade leak detection, testing, water ingress investigations, and reports
    • Electronic leak testing of roof membranes for flat, felt, and singly ply roofs
    • Moisture mapping and vacuum dewatering solutions
    • Thermographic, endoscopic camera, and borescope surveys

                  Roofs and Gutters:

    • Planned and reactive roof and gutter maintenance for listed and commercial buildings
    • Installation of new rainwater and guttering systems
    • Roof repairs, liquid relining, and flexible coatings solutions
    • Corrosion control, gutter joint repairs, and rainwater system maintenance

    Façade care and building maintenance solutions for high-rise and tall buildings

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